Doozer US Tour Tall Tales   1 comment

Simon told me some good stories about the US Tour and being on Ed Sullivan and that but my favourite was how they got to Byron Coley’s place really early and he was cleaning up and he was a total gentleman dude and gave Simon a Folkways record and hipped the boys to Tall Dwarves. He had some Dwarves old stock with $60-80 price tags and Ben was gonna buy one and BC just said gimme twenty bucks and so Ben asked for two, ha ha. Ben is like 6’4″ so maybe there’s some procedural loophole or something there. I almost had to stop Simon when he was describing Coley’s Saturn discs in Ra-Yards because it was like he was on about my girlfriend’s clitoris or something, if you get me.

Still, that Doozer shit is indubitably coming together. I really ought to have that chat with Dave Warn. But anyway, Simon’s swapping me the last yellow Great Explorers T-Shirt for one of my 7″s, so fuck you guys.

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  1. Ra Yards.

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