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If you want blood…   Leave a comment

I’m actually cool with this because Bex is lovely but I’m tempted to forward it to the council bods as a flavour of life round my yard.

Becky Snotflower
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I have some people staying in my room for a few days until they find somewhere to live in Cambridge,

I might sleep on the sofa for a few nights, or in the bath.

They are called Alex and Vic, and they are the new tattooists at work and they are from Transylvania.

I hope that’s ok.

Bex. x

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Aaron Dilloway Jesting   Leave a comment

Dilloway is one of those people whose careers I stalk lazily. I don’t quite know why his stuff sucked me in but it did. Ended up doing some scanning chores for him a while ago and he was good enough to send me some Drunks With Guns MP3 action.

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Fortean Times gig w/ The Doozer, Mary Epworth & others.   Leave a comment

Mary got me my first gig in London about a hundred years ago and she’s got me my latest one too. It doesn’t say it on the poster but it’s next Saturday 23/10/10.

This is the Facebook page about the gig.


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Credit Crisis   1 comment

Me and The Doozer had a little discussion last night about how I was credited on this fine record.


Surely the only time I will be thanked for taking care of the bass chores on an album.


Anyway Simon, I was right innit?

(he has promised to credit me in full for lending him my Eastern Bloc drum synth pedal for the new LP on Sloowax. After all, it’s not like my name’s Lamonte or some shit).

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HonouringThe Rebel   1 comment

I remember that time I played The Tate (2nd time actually) and someone came up after my set and told me I was a genius and I sort of scoffed simperingly before Adrian Teenbeat said all matter-of-factly in a Barnsley voice: “No, there’s three of us. Him, me, and Ben.”

Can’t find anything on YouTube that really showcases his third (or more?) of our supposed collective genius (in fact I reckon I’ve got some superior footage buried in The Great Pile Of Tapes) but here’s a couple of 4-tracky things just for the record.

And here’s a kind of tribute ripoff I did:

This tune slayed me when I first heard it live.


C Joynes: Revenants, Prodigies and the Restless Dead   Leave a comment

My man C Joynes, who once described a typical reviewers reaction to his music as “Oh no, another Fahey wonk. Oh well, at least he’s English.” hassled the fuck out of me to write these sleevenotes, for which I would like to thank him, as it is really flattering to see my words printed multiple times in association with his unique and original musical vision. Chris even managed to coax me into a rare collaborative effort with him, Ben Doozer and Man From Uranus as C Joynes and the Restless Dead for a show in Cambridge, but I think we all agreed that the results varied in quality at alarmingly quick intervals. I never quite worked out how my tapes and electronics could sound great during one run-though of a piece and then agonisingly cacophonous the next, despite being almost entirely the same. I admire spontaneity I sometimes think, but from afar. Shame, cos as I say, bits were good.

Chris also wondered aloud to me whether I might want to be involved with those collaborative 7″s he’s been doing, but I lunched him right out on that. I’m a fucking idiot sometimes.




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Doozer US Tour Tall Tales   1 comment

Simon told me some good stories about the US Tour and being on Ed Sullivan and that but my favourite was how they got to Byron Coley’s place really early and he was cleaning up and he was a total gentleman dude and gave Simon a Folkways record and hipped the boys to Tall Dwarves. He had some Dwarves old stock with $60-80 price tags and Ben was gonna buy one and BC just said gimme twenty bucks and so Ben asked for two, ha ha. Ben is like 6’4″ so maybe there’s some procedural loophole or something there. I almost had to stop Simon when he was describing Coley’s Saturn discs in Ra-Yards because it was like he was on about my girlfriend’s clitoris or something, if you get me.

Still, that Doozer shit is indubitably coming together. I really ought to have that chat with Dave Warn. But anyway, Simon’s swapping me the last yellow Great Explorers T-Shirt for one of my 7″s, so fuck you guys.