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There’s some local business in Cambridge called myspace who build “bespoke timber garden studios and offices”. Always thought it must have smarted a bit when MySpace suddenly gained a slightly larger global currency, and so lately I’ve been thinking they might have been enjoying some cool tortoise-style smugness in the light of the fading fortunes of the lame-ass hare. But anyway back in the day some of us liked MySpace so much we had multiple accounts, and when that got too embarassing we started inventing intriguing female alter-egos to hide our nauseating would-be ubiquity. But it’s 2011 and Murdoch’s looking increasingly comically beleaguered so fuck that.

So *cough*, La Skeng did these tunes in a brief squirt some time my ex was away circa 2007. Recall getting up & doing them first thing after climbing down the ladder, two or three days in a row. Upright piano, loops, FX, 4-track.

Will post the alternate mixes tomorrow, as I’m sure you’re gagging boys.

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