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I bought Blissed Out (to be fair, it had been reduced) back in the day so it’s weird to think that Simon Reynolds has typed my name. I mean, he’s typed a lot of people’s names but I remember lying in the sun out the back of Blossom St in the early 90s and my bandmate’s girlfriend being more or less unable to accept that people wrote like that about stuff like that. She even said “You should do that Pete.” And I was like, “Ooh no…”

“…actually it’s Woebot full-spectrum dominance this month: check out Matthew’s piece on the Cambridge Scene in this month’s Wire… with figures like Pete Um (Position Normal if he’d recorded for Mille Plateaux, kinda, some of the time anyway) he’s really onto something, as per bleeding usual.”

I’m not sure about this Postion Normal comparison, if only because I’m listening to them for the first time as I write this, but since it’s got Mille Plateaux counterweighting it I think it’s probably an illustrative example. I don’t think I sound like a post-pub Vicki Bennett jammin’ on a Residents tip though, ha ha. Actually I quite admire what they’re up to here but there’s something really nauseatingly sincere about my music that makes all these “Pete Um: madcore English nuttah!” characterizations a bit baffling to me. Like, there is quite a bit of humour in what I do but it isn’t meant to be particularly funny, lol. Once I remember performing the old Um song Goat to a couple of tables of bemused randomers at The Boat Race and they roared with laughter at the first couple of lines, then chuckled at the next few, then fell awkwardly silent. I mean, that’s a funny story, but what it’s about isn’t funny. Oh I don’t know.

Ha ha, just downloaded some Headcleaner by mistake, and then bought the 12″.

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  1. If it’s any consolation on the “mad funny crazy wacky quirky” thing, my most recent single went into the download shops categorised under “Comedy / Kids”. Stylish……

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