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Stasis on the brink.   Leave a comment

It’s a bit weird round here at the moment. I got offered a council flat and my hard disk died on the same day, and even though the former is fantastic news the blow of the latter has stunned me into some numb kind of equilibrium. I think the idea of moving out of the place where I’ve been since 1996 into the first place of my own is messing with my head a bit anyway. I’ve also had to take loads of annual leave and instead of preparing for the mammoth task of transferring the museum of junk I’m sat within to a new location I’ve just been in a computerless haze of suspended animation, like there’s a bad sector on the drive that contains my operating system. I feel like I’m in the little canoe on the calm stretch if river before the waterfall. Plus the weather has changed and the co-op is changing gear into summer mode and I can hear coughing and some fool is playing Leftfield. At this moment I’m waiting for a girl with dreads to wake up so I can borrow the laptop with Linux that she’s borrowed off Steve to see if can get the last few chunks of data off the dying drive before I phone Andy’s Computers (“Your Voodoo – Our Nightmare!”) and talk about components and money and time and favours. My goat curry is extremely tasty, but it isn’t a bargaining position or payment in kind, but merely an acknowlegment of someone else’s charity. Currently I also feel defensive and wounded because I got myself into a stupid argument on Facebook with a schoolfriend who I haven’t set eyes on since the 80s. He thinks I’m a bludger who makes shit music and I think he’s an unwitting cheerleader for evil and we may both be right.

Fuck. Laptop is not having it.

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Voodoo war report.   1 comment

Battling with the old foe here. Thought I’d been dealt a fairly serious blow but my man Steve and his old Linux laptop gained an edge at the last moment when most hope was lost. As I type my hard disk seems to be dying again on my desktop but fingers crossed I have been extremely lucky to save a lot of shit I thought I’d lost. When it died the first time it looked like this:

So, I dunno, new hard disk and then what?

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Long list of records to write about, and all too late and after-the-fact now, but this one‘s a goodie and an interesting snapshot of a nebulous network of which I am but a minor node and so of course I would want to thank the people that drew attention to the Um contribution with some grey writing innit. And innit.

Gonna hopefully expand on this post tomorrow when and if etc. I also wanted to make the point that I did the lyrics in the run-up to the last election and it was kind of addressed to the government of the time. Obviously I’m totally happy wth the current lot.

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Bruder Luzifer   2 comments

Great new Kubin comp. I did the ridiculously over-the-top sleevenotes.


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Wrongangles Motherlode   7 comments

On the old Um website with the apes and the novel “online diary” and the Year Of The Artist logo (ho ho ho) there was a section called “A Cast Of Mill Road Characters”. One of them was a Professor Wrongangles, who I later came to understand was in reality one BL Walker, of whom local Romsey types will doubtlessly be aware. Lives on Gwydir Street, and manic in the most genteel and agreeable way. The Doozer once chanced on him photocopying a cassette cover of his own improv spoken word/poetry/guitar material and bought a copy off him, which turned out to be enjoyably all-over-the-show, albeit shot through with a zany melancholy, so when I saw a laundry bag of cassettes out side his house this morning, I was faced with a bit of a dilemma. Obviously there’s an ethical dimension but if you’re Pete Um and it’s raining…?






That’s 87 cassettes. Took a few notebook/diaries too. Didn’t even look at the medical notes. If you want any of this stuff back at any point Bernard, leave me a comment here.

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C Joynes Venn   2 comments

Chris has got back from Mongolia so we’re going out for a drink tonight to celebrate my fractional Irishness (on the drinkier side of the family as opposed to the West Country Methodist side) and presumably discuss the relaunch of a collaborative 7″ project that I was bemoaning having lunched-out of somewhere on these pages. Chris usually sends me a postcard when he gets straight outta Histon and goes somewhere exotic & that’s what the gold wolf or whatever he is is. The other side is addressed to “Pete out of that magazine”. Amusingly, at Bad Timing last week a young woman approached me after the show and began “Excuse me, are you… C Joynes”. I was literally just organising my face to not look too smug when I suddenly had to shift gear not to register an affronted surprise! It would have seemed silly to ruefully say “No, I’m Pete Um. ” so I just said: “No… er, he’s in Mongolia” and tried to look cheerful.

Anyway, cheers!


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Leftover synth   3 comments

This was meant to go in the last post about recently acquired things. It’s a Yamaha VSS-200 and has a great shit mic that you can sample stuff with, as well as a line-in for sampling, which seems getting above its station a bit to me. Other interesting features are something called narcissistic sampling which is where you can sample a degraded version of the presets (if I’m getting this right?). Quite good actually. Romsey Churches charity shop, but I did pay a whopping £15!