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Chris has got back from Mongolia so we’re going out for a drink tonight to celebrate my fractional Irishness (on the drinkier side of the family as opposed to the West Country Methodist side) and presumably discuss the relaunch of a collaborative 7″ project that I was bemoaning having lunched-out of somewhere on these pages. Chris usually sends me a postcard when he gets straight outta Histon and goes somewhere exotic & that’s what the gold wolf or whatever he is is. The other side is addressed to “Pete out of that magazine”. Amusingly, at Bad Timing last week a young woman approached me after the show and began “Excuse me, are you… C Joynes”. I was literally just organising my face to not look too smug when I suddenly had to shift gear not to register an affronted surprise! It would have seemed silly to ruefully say “No, I’m Pete Um. ” so I just said: “No… er, he’s in Mongolia” and tried to look cheerful.

Anyway, cheers!


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  1. This is C Joynes, btw, just to clear up any confusion ladies.

  2. Here’s some Doozer-related film w/ the eminently conversable Joynsey:

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