Leftover synth   3 comments

This was meant to go in the last post about recently acquired things. It’s a Yamaha VSS-200 and has a great shit mic that you can sample stuff with, as well as a line-in for sampling, which seems getting above its station a bit to me. Other interesting features are something called narcissistic sampling which is where you can sample a degraded version of the presets (if I’m getting this right?). Quite good actually. Romsey Churches charity shop, but I did pay a whopping £15!


3 responses to “Leftover synth

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  1. My mate at school had one of these. He spent at least 6 months making songs which consisted entirely of his burps, farts or swearwords. I’ve never heard it used for anything serious so I’m glad you’ve got one to rectify this.

  2. Well, we’ll see eh?

  3. looks pretty cool!

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