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Obviously bought on strength of cover and to amuse Simon Doozer as drums organ combo waxing is lightly entertaining cheesefest with the worst sleevenotes ever written. Drummer has lovely confident style and an atrocious comedy singing voice.

“To Edith & Norman with love and best wishes from Steve & Kevin xxxxx”

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Someone been spinning my reel-to-reel tomspoolery here.

ISTOTA SSĄCA 44 by ubunoir

Tune list thus:

00:08 Korean Songs – Song of Mt. Pukak (intro)
00:21 Curt Lazerz – Min Stav
02:30 Digi G’Alessio – Zanzi Bar
04:55 James Asher – Robottom (in the background)
07:20 Synthetic Boy – Box with Basses
09:04 Naive Machine – Sailor Taylor
11:36 Rachitik Data – Nanoiste
13:12 Satanicpornocultshop – Asaka_Mi2Yo
16:33 Artyści Scen Warszawskich – Chatka z Piernika (extract)
18:17 Robbie Acuff – Librarian
20:59 Special Sonore – Voix Spatiales, Jeux Spéciaux (extract)
21:26 Corleone Commodore – Bit Bots
23:57 Misiaczek – J’ai acheté mes bottes en Espagne
27:44 AkumaDaikon – Flat The Revolution
30:35 Cawa Sorix – La Mort du Toutou (in the background)
32:58 Queen – Killer Queen (Bleep Bloop’s Lazer Beam Remix)
37:10 Le Leprechaune – Désolé
40:34 Kodiak Bachine – F-M
44:43 Sympa – Dédicace
46:26 Ljudit Andersson – Perfectione
47:53 Dieter Süverkrüp & Wolfgang Dauner – Fließbandlied I
51:42 Xerak – Bitjunx Party
54:04 Mołr Drammaz presents – Piec
55:36 Toxic Chicken – Soca for Retards
57:12 Atlas Zwierząt Wojtka vs DJ Spændende – Matadormiks 2007 Edit
59:29 Jacaszek – Grill w zaczarowanym lesie
62:41 Disasteradio – No Pulse
65:29 Death Grips – Thru the Walls
68:53 Thesuperfruitsmoothies – Pineapple Bomb Factory
71:11 Peter Rühmkorf – Altes und Neues vs Como Carousel – Those Were The Days
72:19 Facundo – Username
73:37 Ceephax – Beercan 5000
75:49 Robert Maxwell, His Harp & His Orchestra – Accidental Slip on an Oriental Rug
78:00 Performers not given – “Mother” and “Father” trying to get “Billy” out of bed, followed by whistling solo (in the background)
83:22 Kim Fowley Jr. – Fred Loves Betty
86:12 Pete Um – Look Sharp Slice 1
89:06 Lizzy Mercier Descloux – Hard-Boiled Babe

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This is really good. Obviously the idea of a Goodiepal mix is kind of funny in itself, but weirdly Dave’s unfathomable sincerity acts as a sort of alkali to the spikiness of the ‘pal’s pranksterism. The Goodie is there to jar us in our complacent art-consumer prickdom, but here is his music as heard by a pair of the world’s most flexible ears.

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Was just reading people’s opinions of Michael Gove and his slappable face, about which someone who understands Dutch explains “This particular time of face would be classed ’bouten billig’ which refers to the face cheeks having an unsettling ‘buttock-like’ quality.” Someone else quotes this poem, which I hadn’t seen before.

How Beastly the Bourgeois Is
By D.H. Lawrence

How beastly the bourgeois is
especially the male of the species–

Presentable, eminently presentable–
shall I make you a present of him?

Isn’t he handsome? Isn’t he healthy? Isn’t he a fine specimen?
Doesn’t he look the fresh clean Englishman, outside?
Isn’t it God’s own image? tramping his thirty miles a day
after partridges, or a little rubber ball?
wouldn’t you like to be like that, well off, and quite the thing?

Oh, but wait!
Let him meet a new emotion, let him be faced with another
man’s need,
let him come home to a bit of moral difficulty, let life face him with a new
demand on his understanding
and then watch him go soggy, like a wet meringue.
Watch him turn into a mess, either a fool or a bully.
Just watch the display of him, confronted with a new demand on his
a new life-demand.

How beastly the bourgeois is
especially the male of the species–

Nicely groomed, like a mushroom
standing there so sleek and erect and eyeable–
and like a fungus, living on the remains of a bygone life
sucking his life out of the dead leaves of greater life than his own.

And even so, he’s stale, he’s been there too long.
Touch him, and you’ll find he’s all gone inside
just like an old mushroom, all wormy inside, and hollow
under a smooth skin and an upright appearance.

Full of seething, wormy, hollow feelings
rather nasty–
How beastly the bourgeois is!

Standing in their thousands, these appearances, in damp England
what a pity they can’t all be kicked over
like sickening toadstools, and left to melt back, swiftly
into the soil of England.

Ironically, there’s something about Gove’s expression that shrieks of being disliked as a child.

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Ha, just watched a bunch of council types on a site visit to the cool little park outside my TWO BEDROOM FLAT. Amongst them, one Cllr Smart. They were pissing about on the rides and stuff, but I shot it on my good camera otherwise I’d have YouTubed it to share here.

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Apparently no longer with us. Just found this photo and thought it captured him a bit so RIP you crazy fucker.


Think that’s a Nik Stanbridge photo?

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He he. Look at my face.


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Been a bit “impress me” with the H-word since, you know, Worn Copy or whatever but the fact that this record is very funny fun as well as extremely clever has won my jaded old original 80s ears over pretty easily actually. Feels a bit like a last word on the subject/last big score/pisstake masterpiece too. Good work Jim.

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