NOCHEXXX press: the square dance is abstract. It is so damn serious about rock-solid bass. Slightly psychedelic prevaricate Nochexxx.   1 comment

Loose Synths

The press release for the new Nochexxx 12” mentions that he has apparently ditched his computer in favour of an MPC and an old 8 track tape recorder, a bold move seems to have paid off, as the tunes are majorly fresh.

‘Charro’ is an unsettling mix of lo-fi computer game melodies and analogue basslines that shift and morph, whilst acid tinged pads tease themselves in and out of consciousness. ’Savage Herald’ is less obvious stylistically yet equally worth of attention. Nochexxx slows the tempo down and creates a vintage bleepy techno number that never quite settles right in the groove. Layered with flashes of musical colour and texture it’s a mile away from anything else I’ve listened to lately.

Released August 15th on RAMP. You can pick up a copy here

New faces: Nochexxx

Nochexxx Cambridge underground scene, one of the great talents of modern electronic music in the UK chicagóiak bass blends with the house and the Detroit electrójával. Due to the unique character immediately became kedvencünkké.

Nochexxx my olvasatomban the kind of writer, one who listens to music, and instantly the Better or all of them, or avoid them in the longer distance. First, the Wire was reading it, and even in spring, and then somehow forgot more to deal with it, so in time is the new Savage Herald / Charr’s bakelites, moreover, point to the Ramp issued which recently Ras G is returned with a new album (interesting anyway the relationship with this label, though probably for you is irrelevant: the early years I loved, and somehow turned away from him, and only recently discovered that in 2009, but especially in 2010, how much music was issued – astounding).

So here is the new number two, I prefer the Savage Herald comes in, because the abstract type of house, which is the square dance is abstract and may not necessarily be completely at rest at home listening to the people to feel included in the traditions of rotation. It is so damn serious about rock-solid bass and a slightly psychedelic prevaricate Nochexxx it sounds. And this is just about the first two minutes, I described the eight, while the remainder of the time, there are also drawing new and cool ideas, so the author does not confine itself to what is built at the very beginning. This is already the Charróra is true because, despite the openly Drexciya has resulted, it always changes the rhythm, and often goes techno electróból, now the end is a witty felpörgetése, no matter what a man. Made it a spectacular animated video clip:

Nochexxx – Charr

Otherwise, a half Chinese, half English Nochexxx face it, this time of writing but I’m the sixth man to lájkolta a Facebook page . If you can believe his words, it was influenced Ron Hardy , and this religion is good taste. Earlier – more precisely, from last year – is already two bakelites. The first Sensationallel got together, and the American rapper artist in a context in pushing the numbers first , like Theo Parrishexperiment with new directions, the other recording is good döngölős techno. Another tizenkétinchesidőtlenebb piece looks like an old samplerezhet numbers on it, while modern four dimensions fourth mask.The way of working and a sense of the sound is not far Actresstől and Zombytól. The analog synth and the old, thick sound lovers, I think you should listen to the music.

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  1. Perhaps, ultimately, I think you should listen to the music.

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