Hidden Channels at Kettle's Yard New Music Mornings   1 comment

I can’t find the link to the, uh, Hidden Channels Tumblr thing. I’m sure there was one but it’s shrouded in the mist of Jo’s guerilla marketing strategies. I’m sure they’ll bring all the New Music fans to the yard anyhoo.


On the Bad Timing site Possible Area it refers to:

Hidden Channels at Kettle’s Yard New Music Mornings
Sun 4th March, 12 noon-1pm, free entry
Simon Scott — new sound art work, Pete UM, Local Radio
The 10th in the series of New Music Mornings featuring music from outside academic or formal musical channels, including improv, tape and computer music, improv, sound art, noise, graphic scores, live soundtracking, pop-up installations, film. Initially organised by LEAPS, these are now run in parallel to Bad Timing. More details soon.

My name is mentioned, as you can see. I’m going to be doing a little talk about my art practice, ha ha, with examples. Hope to see you there!

One response to “Hidden Channels at Kettle's Yard New Music Mornings

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  1. “My plastic crate brings all the ‘Boys Music’* to the Yard” as I didn’t quite dare say on Twitter.

    *as in the genre I work in, obviously not the music of specific boys or whatever, however coincidentally true that may have been.

    BT hasn’t resided at my personal/design site possible area since Andrew convinced me to get http://www.bad-timing.co.uk in 2002/3 or so, but yeah, thanks for the promotional action anyway.

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