Past, Present, Future Lunch Time   5 comments

Think I forgot to post this before. Somewhat after the event then, but better late than never, I’m posting it NOW.

Pete UM @ PAST PRESENT FUTURE SPACE-TIME Sept 2011 by StrawberryShorts

See also, The Doozer!

The Doozer @ PAST PRESENT FUTURE SPACE-TIME Sept… by StrawberryShorts

More band interviews from the excellent Simon Mullen man with the movie camera here.

There doesn’t seem to be a NOCHEXXX video. Musta got lost or something.

5 responses to “Past, Present, Future Lunch Time

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  1. Guess the Moofoo one got lost too…

  2. No. put it back up! To hell if i think i look like a dick. I was full of love that day. always am. and simon did a great job! Cumbridge SupeR-Group Now!

  3. You crazy fool!

  4. Les Aventures/Les Adventures …?

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