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Nice little mention of the Um turn in a Hot Chip review by Connor Browne here. I think this same piece might have appeared in The Ely Standard also. Standard.

The Um bit sez:

Support this time comes from Cambridge’s very own cult legend Pete Um. Mill Road’s original maverick shuffles onstage with his minidisc player in hand and his sunglasses perched on his head. Um’s tracks are usually around the minute mark, his witty and poetic ramblings set to jittery electronics. The set of songs he performs here in J1 are mostly those present on his ‘Greatest Hits’ album ‘Can’t Get Started’, bar a couple of new tracks. As a friend of Hot Chip and a local man, Pete Um’s set of utterly bonkers electronica goes down fairly well, and rightly so.

Cheers mate. Nice one.

I’ll upload a few pics from that gig at some point but here’s one for now:


I like that one, thanks to Clive for that.

Everybody lies on the internet.   Leave a comment

Dave says this isn’t him, and Felix says it isn’t him, and I have to say I’m totally foxed.


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Toliet door handle, from british HST train   Leave a comment

I’m browsing eBay :

Music >
Records >
Albums/ LPs >
Other Albums/ LPs

like you do and I spy:


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Zep Tribute   1 comment

Had a dream about my mate Sean, who died suddenly in 1998. I think the experience of my Dad’s partner’s recent passing conjured up an alternate version of his death where we got a chance to say goodbye. In the dream Sean was alive, but we were all trying to get him to lie down and get on with it. Some interesting Freudian reversals going on there. In the dream I was hanging about in the background in my slightly passive aggressive way, getting frustrated with the way people were dealing with the situation, and then I suddenly felt I had the answer, a sort of essential oil for the choppy waters. I wanted to play this song:

As is typical for dreams, especially mine, it was a satisfaction denied, so I sort of feel like it has to embedded in tribute here.

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Pete Um Bandcamp   2 comments


Dave was telling me I ought to sort one of these out, and he was right. Should have the vinyl for The New Album ready soon too.

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Did another press thingie for Meeuw Muzak a while back. Next one I’m doing is for a Harry Merry 7″!

Meeuw Muzak 038
Chris Imler: Vorwärts
b/w Tanzen
7″ single

Chris Imler’s 7″ is a real hit!
(Felix Kubin)

Chris Imler returns here on a 7″ with a straightforward appellation to his new one-man bang-gang: IMLER. This new waxing on the Meeuw Muzak label brings us a spirited pair of ear-jingling primeval drumtasms, the first a jerry-rigged version of the Chris Montez classic Let’s Dance and his own “sci-fi romanticist socialist anthem” Vorwärts on the flipside. There’s a lot of kinetic energy here, everything being recorded live with a rhythmatist’s ear for a chugging beat and waves of delayed gratification. Classic trembling Teutonic disco-punk, to my tea-curled ears at least. There’s a similar-but-different dark narcotic tease to Vorwarts, which kind of shimmies in front of your nodding head like a cold war stripper. Again, maybe that’s just me. Something to do with smashing atoms anyway. Two thick slabs of propulsive, edgy sleaze. Use it to lose it.

Dodgy drummer Chris Imler, infamously involved in Spankings and Golden Showers (these are groups) has also previously been associated with work with Puppet Mastaz, Peaches, Namosh, Electronicat as well as being one half of the Driver&Driver duo with Patric Catani, with whom he has toured the world and recently released a double album entitled We Are The World, funnily enough. This year he has also played drums for Soffy O, Die Türen and for Stereo Total in a theatre play. This is not to mention a detour into fine arts with a sound installation with Patric Catani for the Robert Wilson Institute in New York, as well as numerous remixes. (Pete Um)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

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Libbe Matz Gang   1 comment


John Eden sends me this, being a bit coy about details, but nothing to do with him personally, apparently. It seems vaguely Edenic in it’s vision tho, being all dystopic Industrial subversive occultic blackness with the samizdat typewriters & the PO Boxes etc, ha ha. Beyond that I’m still totally in WTF mode, to be honest. The first track I put on “BLACKWALL TUNNEL DRIVE” kicked off like perfect minimal electronic black grunge like Shitcluster with the last residual funk drained out it, and I thought for a cold sweaty moment some uncut stuff was going to change my head forever, like all slop-fed miserable junkies do, especially since it’s pressed at 33.3 to fit 9 songs on & it’s DEDICATED TO ANYONE DRIVEN MENTAL BY CONSENSUS REALITY. When I die my job in hell will be to write blurb for Boomkat while Libby Purves and Justin Webb chivvy me along and I suppose given this task at that point I’d be gurgling about a Nate Young/Hype Williams collab being produced by Damon Edge in a horrible perpetual East German early 80s winter, and only Nathan Barley would believe me. I’m not really into clever things myself, but the palette is spot-on in its cold-distorted-metal-in-warehouse colours, which they say/he says/she says they get from ATARI/VUVUZELA/E.V.P! Beautifully detuned and masterful reverb, good use of the stereo field. Whole thing hangs together perfectly with the collaged quality of a good zine. It makes me a bit suspicious, but then I quite like being teased. The record is better than this megamix, I would say, and cheerlessly cheap at £5 including p&p!

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Woebot: Rave Bum from Matthew Ingram on Vimeo.

Good, innit? Some people saying brave move but apparently he’s got some previous with words and the great thing about this is that big, flat space the vocals sit in. Kind of ready-storyboarded stuff, unsurprisingly perhaps.

Are some of the songs too short? Uh… no, I don’t think so. or Boomkat for the CD

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R Stevie Moore/Les Adventures Sous La Mer/The Doozer   Leave a comment