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John Eden sends me this, being a bit coy about details, but nothing to do with him personally, apparently. It seems vaguely Edenic in it’s vision tho, being all dystopic Industrial subversive occultic blackness with the samizdat typewriters & the PO Boxes etc, ha ha. Beyond that I’m still totally in WTF mode, to be honest. The first track I put on “BLACKWALL TUNNEL DRIVE” kicked off like perfect minimal electronic black grunge like Shitcluster with the last residual funk drained out it, and I thought for a cold sweaty moment some uncut stuff was going to change my head forever, like all slop-fed miserable junkies do, especially since it’s pressed at 33.3 to fit 9 songs on & it’s DEDICATED TO ANYONE DRIVEN MENTAL BY CONSENSUS REALITY. When I die my job in hell will be to write blurb for Boomkat while Libby Purves and Justin Webb chivvy me along and I suppose given this task at that point I’d be gurgling about a Nate Young/Hype Williams collab being produced by Damon Edge in a horrible perpetual East German early 80s winter, and only Nathan Barley would believe me. I’m not really into clever things myself, but the palette is spot-on in its cold-distorted-metal-in-warehouse colours, which they say/he says/she says they get from ATARI/VUVUZELA/E.V.P! Beautifully detuned and masterful reverb, good use of the stereo field. Whole thing hangs together perfectly with the collaged quality of a good zine. It makes me a bit suspicious, but then I quite like being teased. The record is better than this megamix, I would say, and cheerlessly cheap at £5 including p&p!

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  1. Glad you like it Mr Um!

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