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Gonzo WORM Mix for all birds!   2 comments

Thanks to the man Sascha Roth, who I owe several+ favours to at the last count, for including the full 1.10 mix of My Fatal Floor in this audio cloud-spaff.

Mixcloud Monday: Sascha Roth – WORM by Gonzocircus on Mixcloud

particulalry like the way it goes me>Tonetta>The Rebel, which is like some soundtrack to a Pete/Bobby/Dave/Phil wastemen wastedness episode.

Norman's Brian's Psychiatric Assessment   1 comment

Bless Brian at Norman for taking the time to sum up the Um sound or whatever.

He gives The New Album 5 stars and sez:

There’s not many British eccentrics as wonderful and awe-inspiringly mad as our Pete Um. His scattershot irreverent prose, weirdo-raps and surrealist sound-sculptures are pretty distinctive, I feel, and have a place in the marginal DIY art performance world inhabited by anyone from Ergo Phizmiz to Felix Kubin or The Rebel. I cannot easily start dissecting this gibbering new record of his. It’s like trying to psycho-analyse what goes on in David Shrigley’s head but with more LSD and gleeful irrelevance involved thus making the task a head-hurtingly impossible one.

This crazy man produces ace junk shop electronic pop/cabaret gems with more life, humour and imagination than is decent for such an endeavour, he really doesn’t give a fuck, man and I love him a great deal! I wonder if there is actually a book around in the inky-sphere with some of his writings in, he never floods his music with too many syllables and seemingly ad-libs, mutters, croons or freestyles rather than merely narrating. From lo-fi hobo gutter grooves to sinister, warped Jam-like head-fuckery, this is one mentalist journey that will leave you some place between delighted, terrified and perplexed.

Cheers mate. Hope you sell them!


Boogie Woogie Baby.   Leave a comment

Sorting out my 7″s and trying to be hardcore & make some go to Discogs/chazzer/the bin. I list Scott Walker sounding pretty hip on Jackie then this one goes back in the box.

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Special visitor   Leave a comment

On the air tonight:

“Special guest in the studio tomorrow night: Pete Um! We’ll have a chat and he’ll play some music. It’ll be great. 7-9pm on Cambridge 105 FM and online”

Tumblr for tha re-up, I guess.


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