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Uh, this has practically started:


SPACE-TIME is an annual festival of art and music exploring alternate realities and possibilities, happening at Wysing Arts Centre near Cambridge, UK.

SPACE-TIME presents AND IF IT WAS IT CAN’T BE IS; three stages of live music, spoken word performances, film screenings, artists’ stalls and activities for families.

Damo Suzuki Network / Alexander Tucker / Emptyset / Peepholes / Simon Scott / The Grubby Mitts / Maria and the Mirrors / Yola Fatoush / Ice, Sea, Dead People / Longmeg / Lustfaust / The Soft / Kelvox1 / Dan Tombs / Ypsmael / Octagon Court // Bruce Lacey / Mark Titchner / Sue Tompkins / Anthea Hamilton / Boyle Family // Peles Empire / Candice Jacobs / Patrick Coyle / Publish and Be Damned / Lost Toys Records / Project/Number / Bad Timing / SAVORR / Wysing Young Artists / Outpost Gallery / Banner Repeater / One Thoresby Street / Rowing Projects / Grantchester Pottery / Andy Holden / Heather Phillipson / Hotel Palenque / X Marks the Bökship / Sleeping Upright / Tom Hebdon / The Happy Chopper / Eva By Heart

Wysing Arts Centre, Bourn near Cambridge, UK, CB23 2TX. Wysing Arts Centre: facebook twitter festival hashtag: #spacetime12

SPACE-TIME: AND IF IT WAS, IT CAN’T BE IS is programmed by Wysing Arts Centre with support from Escalator Music, Norwich Arts Centre and Bad Timing and funded by Arts Council England.

I’ll be there, as it goes.

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Oh yeah, caught up in the self-love of the post the other day about getting the big-ups from Ekolad I neglected to add an additional straw on the camel with this mix he’s done, featuring Mortal Song from Can’t Get Started in some illustrious company innit…

Love that pic of Nick.

And he’s a such a Discogs dog he’s even added my new record to the great database in the sky, which if you’ve never done it is a bit of a pain so much appreciated again dude!

Sacrificial Totem/ Exile outta jail!   1 comment

Got this email the other day, cos I’d bought the Hurqalya CD way back when. I wondered what happened to matey.

You had inquired with Katabatik about Sacrificial Totem cds at one point. You might be interested in the following:

We are pleased to make known the availibility of a very limited number of Sacrificial Totem cds that have been discovered in storage, in their complete original presentation.
Sacrificial Totem existed from 2000-2006, developing a distinct style of obscure and esoteric ritual electronics, whose influence can still be felt in numerous projects active today based in the region known as Cascadia. Known for strictly limited handmade cdrs and cathartic ritual performances, the sounds of Sacrificial Totem have been described as “blackest ambient metal” . The project ceased to exist in early 2006 when the sole creator behind Sacrificial Totem, Exile, was arrested, having been betrayed by former co-conspirators, as part of the FBI’s “Operation Backfire” for his involvement in eco-sabotage arsons attributed to the “ELF”. After serving over six years in federal prison, he was released earlier this year.
In the chaos that was the aftermath of being arrested and having his house raided by federal anti-terrorist law enforcement agencies, much of the Sacrificial Totem studio and ritual space equipment was stolen, and it had was assumed that the remaining Sacrificial Totem cds were also lost. Fortunately, while exploring what was preserved of his belongings in storage, a small number of the original Sacrificial Totem cdrs, in complete packaging, were unearthed.

There were four Sacrificial Totem cdr releases, each presented in hand constructed black on black packaging.

Sacrificial Totem (known as Nidstang) was released in a wax-sealed edition of 23 in late 2002 and rereleased by The Ajna Offensive in 2003, also in hand constructed and wax sealed envelopes in an edition of 150, of which 30 were placed in an additional hand sewn cloth pouch sealed with an antler button.

Alamut was released in 2003 in an edition of 28, packaged with two sprigs of cedar bough and tied shut with black leather rawhide. Each contained a hand drawn sigil card in addition to the sikscreened sleeve.

Kurghan was released in 2005, planned in an edition of 64, but of which fewer than 40 were ever constructed, all containing 3 inserts of lyrics and meditational sigils, of which 16 contained paint used in the series of ritual performances which accompanied the material on the disc.

Hurqalya was released in 2005 by Katabatik, in an edition of 99, which saw the inclusion of a green vellum insert page into the much imitated and influential black on black packaging.

Also availible are 8 copies of Kurghan, which represents nearly a quarter of all the copies ever produced. All of these are in the original packaging, with the slight variation and that is to be expected from a handmade piece that has been in storage for over six years, but all in the condition in which they were conceived to be distributed. THERE ARE NOW ONLY THREE COPIES OF KURGHAN LEFT AS OF 8.12.12. THESE ARE THE LAST SACRIFICIAL TOTEM CDS AVAILABLE FROM THE SOURCE.

The Kurghan copies, because of the absolutely limited nature of the presentation and the fact that these are of the original production run, never to be presented in this format again, we are asking $70/each. These are the absolute last copies of these obscure and rumoured releases in their original packaging, handmade and not to be rereleased in this influential format.
The cds are being sold with the express purpose of raising funds to replace the integral parts of the Sacrificial Totem studio lost after his arrest, so as to return to musical production.

To purchase a cd, or for more information please contact:


For what it’s worth, Hurqalya is pretty good!

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Ha, today I’m standing outside the pharmacy in Fulbourn with the dude I’m working with, watching the rain piss down and waiting for it to stop doing so, and against support-worker protocol I have a sneaky look at Twitter, and even though it isn’t @peteum the first thing I clock is this:


Now, aforementioned supported-chap has occasional epileptic episodes that manifest as him trancing out and repetetively rocking his body and repeating a phrase with some vigour, and one of these hits him as we’re standing there, but because I’m so seduced by the above bizarrely out-of-context affirmation of my obscure genius in tiny text on my mobile device, my perception is wholly tunnelling down towards that, and not-at-all focusing on my immediate surroundings. Therrfore it actually takes me a little while to realize that there is actually a Real Life, and that it is someone in it right next to me saying the words:


And then there we both are, suddenly readjusting to what passes for our respective realities.

Anyway, not written by the man Loki himself but occasional contributor/Twitpuppet Ekolad, the guy that makes all those records, and had the improbable industry in him to write:


Not enough people seem to be aware that Pete Um is a musical/lyrical genius.

And he cooks a mean goat curry.

Buy this record.

There’s a only a 100 copies.

One day everyone will realise what a genius Pete Um is, and then your record will be worth loads of money and you can sell it, pay off the mortgage, take early retirement, etc.

Everyone will be a winner.

Yes, one day, we will all be winners…

Not sure about the genius or the mortgages, but the curry is unassailably amazing and I do stand by the scarcity value argument also. And thanks Nick!

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A relational outburst of Groupe L'etranger.   Leave a comment

My man in Brussels has been good enough to include some of my spuzz in his outburst here:

L’etranger, Radio Panik 105.4FM, Brussels

Every possible Tuesday 21h00- 22h00 (CET).

Quixotic: adjective : exceedingly idealistic ; unrealistic and impractical : a vast and perhaps quixotic project.

A relational outburst of Groupe L’etranger.

Show #258, 31st July 2012

The elements scrambled: JD Zazie and Anton Mobin, Pete UM, DDV, Necklacing, Underrated Close-Ups, Lepke B, Garbage Patch Traitor, Nacho Knees, Johnny Scarr, April Larson, Leerstukken van de Stalinitische School, Kremlin, Astma Tom Smith, Vom Grill, Lieutenant Caramel, The Tobacoonists, Schizophasia, Harry Merry, Christian Galarreta & Karl Schmidt, Keith Rowe, Woebot, IOSS, Eric Duyckaerts, Rainier Lericolais.

Interjections & Overlays courtesy of: Flutator, The London Sound Survey, JD Zazie and Anton Mobin, John Zerzan.

Full playlist with active links to artists is here:


Bought this thing off eBay the other day:




Green Dungeon Alchemist Laboratories


This device is a real junk synth, made from recycled plywood and a quality street tin with assorted other bits of old devices. It was once used in an exhibition at the Liverpool World Museum.

It’s a simple but versatile device consisting of two VCOs and an LFO, the frequency of the VCOs are controlled by two light sensors and/or the triangle wave LFO, which has rise and fall controls so you can alter it between saw and ramp waveforms and change the frequency by adjusting both the rise and fall time. This makes for a lot of cosmic zappy laser sounds! The light sensors are protected by a plastic covering held in place by the square, metal surrounds.

VCO controls:
A switch on each VCO changes between direct light control or LFO control, the light sensors also control the level of modulation the LFO has on the frequency of the VCOs.
The volume level of each VCO can be mixed with the volume dials on each side and another dial is provided to alter the pulse width of both the VCO waveforms simultaneously.

These simple controls allow a vast variety of throbbing, wailing sounds to be created along with the kind of laser gun warbles only heard on vintage sci-fi shows! The full potential of this device is yet to be explored, one can scarecely imagine the kind of crazy sounds it would make if introduced to flashy lights or an LED on a stick!

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Film-maker Adam Clitheroe has used an old piece of my music for this bit of pubescent heretical detournement. In fact it’s so old that the track appears to have no ambtions beyond trying to sound a bit like a Panasonic-for-your-pocket or whatever. Does lend a certain something for the footage though, so big thanks to Adam for using it.

I was always jealous of MFU for being in that film. Of course, what I’ve always said is that Phil’s biography needs a wider audience, and I meant to mention in that earlier post about Rob Kemp’s film that the spaceman was talking about doing an animation based on his earlier life, which is a concept of incandescent genius if you ask me.

MV&EE/The Doozer/DJs   1 comment


DJ Rarebit, does that say?

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Powered by paper lol   1 comment

Ha ha, genius. Kid Shirt’s done an analogue blog

And there’s me spending ages feeling foolish as I try and work out if you can cut text from it 🙂

As I’ve said before when I first met Miss Hawaii he said “my character…is shame”, which me and Bobby always use, because we always have use of it. Johnny Loathsome once referred to a mutual acquaintance as being “stuck in a cave”, which he had some knowledge of, and sometimes I feel the walls round here getting kinda cold and damp, like today for instance. Anyway I don’t feel I deserve Kek’s words, or that album doesn’t deserve those words, and as many of them too. He’s such a dude.

Whole thing is a great read too. Even reading it as a pdf on a monitor does seem qualitatively different somehow, and jars with yr perceptual processes. The Libbe Matz Gang thing is a great interview too.

Right, must…move…towards…the light…

Even Spacemen Hate Mondays   1 comment

More great music and drawings/animations from Rob Kemp!

Talking of spacemen and the cold-water shock of the week’s unpopular first seventh, Our Phil is playing with pals from The Doozer as Rock With Electronics tonight at Bad Timing tonight. I don’t think I can make it, so you’d better.