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Ha, today I’m standing outside the pharmacy in Fulbourn with the dude I’m working with, watching the rain piss down and waiting for it to stop doing so, and against support-worker protocol I have a sneaky look at Twitter, and even though it isn’t @peteum the first thing I clock is this:


Now, aforementioned supported-chap has occasional epileptic episodes that manifest as him trancing out and repetetively rocking his body and repeating a phrase with some vigour, and one of these hits him as we’re standing there, but because I’m so seduced by the above bizarrely out-of-context affirmation of my obscure genius in tiny text on my mobile device, my perception is wholly tunnelling down towards that, and not-at-all focusing on my immediate surroundings. Therrfore it actually takes me a little while to realize that there is actually a Real Life, and that it is someone in it right next to me saying the words:


And then there we both are, suddenly readjusting to what passes for our respective realities.

Anyway, not written by the man Loki himself but occasional contributor/Twitpuppet Ekolad, the guy that makes all those records, and had the improbable industry in him to write:


Not enough people seem to be aware that Pete Um is a musical/lyrical genius.

And he cooks a mean goat curry.

Buy this record.

There’s a only a 100 copies.

One day everyone will realise what a genius Pete Um is, and then your record will be worth loads of money and you can sell it, pay off the mortgage, take early retirement, etc.

Everyone will be a winner.

Yes, one day, we will all be winners…

Not sure about the genius or the mortgages, but the curry is unassailably amazing and I do stand by the scarcity value argument also. And thanks Nick!

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