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From the desk of The Doozer/Lunar Mervin

hello all,

as i’m outta the promoter loop and it’d be nice to get as many people along as possible to this upcoming MV / EE show and the last DUOZER show for some considerable time, it would be greatly appreciated if you would spread the information about this show in anyway you see fit… mailing list / websites / tv personalities / radio / gossip magazines and the like.

thanks for any passing on you do.

hope to see you all at the show.






A night of outsider sounds and wholesome entertainment with live music from MV&EE, THE DOOZER and DJ Sets from PETE UM and DJ RAREBIT. A night tooo remember.

MV & EE (Woodsist, Ecstatic Peace et al) with the Home Comfort Sound System

The Home Comfort Sound System is built to MV & EE’s spec by sound engineer Tall of Suffolk’s Ambush Cinema and combines with combines with projections to reconfigure and retune each space with specially dreamt up environments channelling MV & EE’s homespun aesthetic. Good time front porch vibes, heavy acoustics and zero gravity jams blend with moving image, moonshine and local ales in this untethered and other-worldly a/v show.

THE DOOZER (Woodsist, Siltbreeze et al)


Also, watch this:

Cheeky beardist turns up in the morning wanting my DV camera and then in the afternoon I get this linkage! Confounded Doozers!

Oh yeah, never met DJ Rarebit but I heard a comp he did for Simon the other night and the mix was deep yo.

Mind you, the other day I was buying booze in the co-op and the checkout girl was Deep too, it said so on her name tag.

But please come to this, if you can.

3 responses to “Home Comfort Sound System Labour Club

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  1. dv camera pick up was entirely coincidental. just like my life.

  2. or was it?

  3. can i borrow your camera pete? oh, and the Deep lady at the coop entrances me with her nametag and i automatically assume that she’s, you know, deep.

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