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(sound of stable door being closed carefully) A gig! This week! Phil describes it thus:

An evening of Cosmic-outsider-trash-rock discO and films
with live music from UM, MFU+JELLICA, ALEXA DISASTER, GOUP

Its a Friday night, we’ve procured a venue and we’re gonna party!!
Come help us spin the wheels and celebrate being here!

£5 squid dress code: sci-fi – punk – normall – super religious

Goup is making her live debut here at The Romsey Labour Club, which seems an unusual way for MFU & I to pay her back for a very long list of things she’s done for us, and perhaps especially me, over in Hamburg. Alexa D! has also managed to put people in front of our respective twat-jazzes in the same funky town so yes a great debt is owed to our European partners and if there’s anything we can do to offset the balance of that and the physical number of Club regulars in da club on that particular night it would be exceptionally welcomed and we, I like to think, would be exceptionally welcoming. I see it as a psychedelic showdown, a cultural High Noon, a social experiment, a promotional anomaly, a test of faith, a line in the sand, or maybe just a cheeky wink at YOU, delivered with a weird, faltering smile.

I searched for Alexa on the internet but there isn’t much. I can’t find the Goup video I wanted to post, but it’s here on Umbusiness somewhere. I couldn’t find anything of me or Phil.

Facebook page is here. Any hype appreciated.

5 responses to “The Social Astronaut, Willkommen.

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  1. i dearly love you all. it was wonderful to see you and your families and realize how much we all have to hold together to make things work. thanks for your heart soul and mind. p

  2. Thanks Goup! We are massive fans of yours too of course!

  3. Sorry, that was a joke about massive fans that I got distracted in the middle of.

  4. I made a film about the event

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