Gees grist wheeze   3 comments

Spin, spin!

Yes, the cheapest place on the net to buy the rarer-than-fuck 100FTW vinyl edition The New Album isn’t even on the net, if you’re a localist! It’s Mill Road’s most brilliant general ‘n’ electrical emporium of bits & bobs H. Gees! Ten quid! And, as much as I chuckle at seeing in the window, it would be great if it wasn’t there one day…




Many thanks to matey at Gees for his kind indulgence of my tedious folly or whatever.

3 responses to “Gees grist wheeze

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  1. Brother, I saw this the other day. Allahu akbar.

    • Ah yeah I was waiting for you to pop up. As soon as I had the idea to do this I realized it was essentially a Doozer concept that I was nicking, but then I liked the idea even better of you wandering past and clocking it and shaking your fuzzy face going “what the dickens…why that damned Pete Um has gristed me out of my own grist!” 🙂

  2. Having just make an all too infrequent journey down Mill Road, I was astonished to see your record out of the corner of my eye as I cycled past Gees. I cycled back to check my sanity and there it was. Not a mirage but a real 12″ reissue of the New Album. So, I just had to purchase it, a tenner well spent. The ultimate obsolete item, reissued in an obsolete format in the last emporium of obsolescence. Well, it put a smile on my face and maybe will provide the audio backdrop to our family christmas pass the parcel.

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