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Thanks to Panarchist for including my stuff in this:

музыкальные итоги года
1. Musette – Drape Me in Velvet
scratchy dusty asthmatic elevator muzak for 2-story buildings

2. a) Pete Um – The New Album
b) Pete Um – Can’t Get Started
c) Pete Um – Babysitting the Apocalypse

Felix Kubin meets Peter Mamonov near the trashpile behind an abandoned
thrift shop in the middle of nowhere in the near future where
super-intelligent robot rednecks rule the universe:

3. Anne-James Chaton + Andy Moor – Transfer/1-2-3-4

“…sound poetry and musical intersections focusing on the themes of
travel and transportation, viewed from a factual (side A) and fictional
(side B) perspective.” (also check out “Le Journaliste” (2009), one the
best albums of the previous decade).

4. Lonnie Holley: Just Before Music
outsider blues

5. Mac Demarco -2
detuned jangle pop

6. Starving Weirdos – Land Lines
earthy hippies encounter astral jazz and explode

7. a) Frank Ocean – Channel Orange
b) Kendrick Lamar – good kid, m.A.A.d city
c) Chimurenga Renaissance – PUNGWE Mixtape:

(a year in hip-hop)

8. Fenster – Bones
gently dislocated boy-girl pop music, remake-remodel of Young Marble Giants

9. Markus Mehr – On
shimmering layers of orchestral samples sounding closer to My Bloody Valentine than to the nauseatingly
bland sort of “pop ambient”

10. Eloïse Decazes & Eric Chenaux
not dissimilar to the most sober, quietest moments of Brigitte Fontaine & Areski circa mid 1970s

11. Serengeti – C.A.R.

12. Tenniscoats – Papa’s Ear

13. a) Gui Amabis – Trabalhos Carnivoros
b) Passo Torto – s/t (actually from 2011 but who cares)
c) Tom Zé – Tropicalia Lixo Logico
(a year in MPB, or 8th year without a new Arto Lindsay album)

14. Burnt Friedman – Bokoboko

15. Pumice – Puny

16. Sun Araw, M. Geddes Gengras, And The Congos – Frkwys Vol. 9

17. Bisk – Memorabilia

18. a) Hospitality – s/t
b) TOPS – Tender Opposites
c) Hanne Hukkelberg – Featherbrain
(a year in chick music)

19. Köhn – Soulastalgia

20. Egyptology – The Skies

вне конкурса:
Swans – The Seer
Radio Klebnikov
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All hail Felix Kubin for sending out Um-shaped underground smoke signals towards mainland Europe.

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The man Lee Fisher with the grist ingredients here.

“This is what we played”:

PANIC AND CAROUSELS with Hickeysonic

Show 1: January 15th 2013

Emptyset – Armature (Collapsed EP, Raster Noton, 2012)
Nurse With Wound – Groove Grease (Hot Katz) (Huffin’ Rag Blues, Dirter, 2008)
Boxcutter – Grub (Oneiric, Planet μ, 2006)
Cluster – Heise Lippen (Zuckerzeit, Brain, 1974)
Receding Zones – Corridor (Receding Zones, Reject & Fade,, 2012)
Growing – Afterglow (Lateral, The Social Registry, 2008)
The Books – The Story Of Hip Hop (The Way Out, Temporary Residence, 2010)
Motion Sickness Of Time Travel – Day Glow (Luminaries & Synastry, Digitalis, 2011)
Jessica Bailiff – If You Say It (My Friend, My Love) (At The Down-Turned Jagged Rim Of The Sky, Kranky, 2012)
Broadcast – The Equestrian Vortex (Berberian Sound Studio, Warp, 2013)
Kling Klang – Position 1: Heavydale (The Superposition, Rock Action, 2003)
Pete Um – Machine State (Babysitting The Apocalypse,, 2012)
The Fun Years – Am I Having A Stroke? (Split Vol 2, Three: Four, 2009)
Kemper Norton – Warrior Log In (To Iron John, )
eMMplekz – Cleaver Squared (Izod Days, Mordant Music, 2012)
Gene Moore – Carnival Of Souls Main Theme (Carnival Of Souls OST, Birdman, 1998)

In good company there. Thanks man!

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Simon Mullen made a jazzy little short about that gig we played in downtown Romsey.

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Terrifyingly, I once had to support the Magic Band at The Junction in Cambridge. Terrifyingly, I’m doing it again in Colchester in March. It’s a cosmic injustice that some of these guys were locked in a shack for 8 months and subsisted on beans whilst they rehearsed Trout Mask Replica for 14 hours a day and then have to go on after some twit who sings over tapes but there you go. Actually the Cambridge gig went OK for me and they were tolerant of my minidiscisms. If you’ve never seen them I can attest you do get The Magic Band and French’s Van Vliet is like a proper inhabitation of the Beefheart voice.

Here’s the blurb from the Facebook page if you don’t feel clicky enough.

The Magic Band + UM @ Colchester Arts Centre
Public · By Colchester Arts Centre
Saturday, 2 March 2013

20:00 until 23:00


What can you say about the truly legendary Magic Band? Sharing the vision of celebrating the music of the late Don Van Vliet aka Captain Beefheart, original members Denny “Feelers Rebo” Walley, Mark “Rockette Morton” Boston, and John “Drumbo” French share the stage with guitarist Eric Klerks and drummer Craig Bunch to re-visit the classic Beefheart tunes with renewed fervour.

Cambridge’s one-man absurdist electronica act UM provides the support.

All tickets £15
Doors 8pm

Get your tickets at the box office now or…
You can buy tickets via our website at (Just scroll down to the event and click on the BUY TICKETS link on the right hand side).
You can order over the phone from us on 01206 500900 (there’s a small charge for credit and debit card transactions).
You can pay by cash or cheque in person and there’s no fees at all.


Oh yeah, I got this email:

You didn’t win the eBay item : Captain Beefheart Trout Mask Replica Double Album

shortly before I got the message about the gig too! Weird huh?

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I’m forever in Taren’s debt because he donated his art, his time and basically sorted out everything to do with making sure this record has a cover, and one that looks fucking marvellous. Gratitude also to Dudfield’s the printers for their help in this.

Have a look at more of his mindbending art here.

Here’s a pic of me and him celebrating in the pub post-Apocalypse, as it were:


Norman Does Babysitting   2 comments

In their wisdom, the good chaps at Norman have furthered the grist of the prophecy and stocked the probable 5, as it was written. Thankyou very much again to Phil, Business Lady and especially Mike for this nice review ting.


Norman Records review Babysitting The Apocalypse

…according to our Mike on Wed 02 Jan, 2013.

Lo-fi contrarian and tireless enemy of mundanity Pete Um is back with yet another limited LP of his oddball ramblings and stuttering sample mayhem (nice to spot yours truly on the thanks list “for probably stocking 5”, too). There are 21 songs on this album and while the bedroom wonkiness is still present and correct it’s the most cohesive and accessible release I’ve heard yet from Um, with his brittle experimental weirdness draped around bona fide pop song structures.

The melodic, plodding space-pop vignettes he conjures tend to fall in territory somewhere in between Ariel Pink, the Clangers, Ergo Phizmiz, Bruce Haack, early Beck and perhaps a little Devo, but there’s passages of patient, loopy grooves in here that are reminding me of some of the hypnotic sampledelic weirdpop coming out of Clan Destine at the moment from the likes of Ela Orleans and Curt Crackrach.

There’s a current of humourous playfulness to the music, and Um isn’t really a man who could be accused of taking himself too seriously, but that’s tempered by a quite wistful, nostalgic psych-pop feel, with the lyrics often being somewhat introspective and self-deprecating. It’s a weird patchwork of sampley trip-hop, vintage computer sounds and thoughtful lyrics, but this seems more laboured-over than his previous works and to good effect. Far from the frantic lo-fi sprawl I was expecting, this is actually a cleverly paced, multifaceted and surprisingly coherent LP which I could listen to over and over. Hats off.

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Big up my celebrity pal Lexus Taylor for raising Um awareness here in Cambridge, where in a sense it is needest most lol. This clip is a bit historical mind, according to it’s source, Bad Timing Nights: “The event hasn’t left much trace online, but my best guess is that this was in support of Four Tet @GreenMind, which would make it 23rd Oct 2005. “

Who’s that fuzzy-faced youth at the front though? He looks familiar…

More recently Mr T was good enough to add to the biomythology again though, and hopefully make a few Uni alumni wished they’d turned right on Chesterton Road just once ha ha.


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