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C Joynes Questioned   Leave a comment

Great interview of the self-styled fretwonk here

A musician after my own heart, albeit a highly-skilled musician who isn’t a non-musician.


The Unhaptic Synthesizer   Leave a comment

I note Our Dave, legalier trading as CHXFX at the moment, has a new album of synth atmosfears to give you the yips.

Only just noticed the description they give of Dave’s swim style in our grotty pond:

“Nochexxx is a crucial player in Cambridge’s incestuous underground scene, where zooted drone mystics (The Doozer) can be found in cahoots with with bedroom techno producers or Dadaist troubadours (Pete Um). “

Ha ha. OK.

In other CHX news, there’s a great interview with the man here.

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