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I’m on this comp with all these other people I know! I know!

My effort:

£3 download or £5 CD. Cheap!

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My favourite song off The British Public record now has a video crafted thoughtfully by Man From Uranus. This is it.

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Great little film from that event at Reworks I played at some rainy day at the end of last year. I still need to do a post about that. I’m in the video doing my old-man-ranting-at-table act, or whatever it is.

Vapour from Ann Evelin Lawford on Vimeo.

Vimeo blurb sez:

UK / 2012 / 3’35” / Nikon D90

VAPOUR performed at the Reworks closing show on the 24th November 2012.

VAPOUR are a collective of musicians and artists based in Cambridge, UK whose performances feature improvised live manipulation of real-time spoken word, pre-recorded and real-time generated sounds, hand made art works, and overtly processed video. They are actively involved in live performance (both musical and theatrical), art installations, and Internet radio broadcasts.

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I’m becoming a big fan of this guy’s videos. He’s such a dude. If I had a terminal disease I’d go to India for a bit and then ask for 12 hours in a comfy chair round his. Check out his things on free jazz and punk too.

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Etcetera lol.

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Duane in the membrane.   2 comments

Sealed copy!

No spoilers for scrollers but this particularly hit home cos his female artist find is a flavour in the poor Mouse taste.

Also, I’m all about I got this for nothing and it’s worth a little bit more than something but fuck this guy. There’s more honour in the pointless Smaug-hoarding I’m guilty of than matey’s trembly-handed Tori score. “Not so much in selection, but in what I got.”