A Guide To Getting Hold Of Um Around The World   1 comment

An hilarious look at the spotty availability of yr grist, were you wishing to avoid international shipping cost+hassle, as it were.

Asia: No dice.
Africa: No dice
North America: Happily, the good folks at Mimaroglu are selling Can’t Get Started
They were good enough to say this:
“december 2011 release ; … fascinating overview of the work of contemporary uk “outsider” peter “um” gregory, a cantabrigian trawler of intersections between barrett-esque mumblecore & a-synchronous electro babble (with hints of uk post-punk diy squawk) …
… covering his “early years,” this comes (chronologically) after the (tyfus-covered, felix kubin-issued) “no pressure” lp for gagarin & the self-issued “babysitting the apocalypse” full-length ; highly recommended !!!”
South America: No dice.

Antartica: No outlets as yet.
Europe: Let’s subdivide this.
Germany: Deutschland is the only place you can buy No Pressure, my record on Felix Kubin’s Gagarin label. You can buy from Stora (where you can also get the Pete Um/Miss Hawaii spilt 7″) or from A-Musik
Actually, thinking about it, Gagarin might have been able to get copies of this in other places in Europe but I know they didn’t get none to Blighty.
Russia: Another Um exclusive for this mysterious ‘n’ cool lathe-only label Cyland Audio Archive. CAA#8 is a double 7.5″ EP of watery tape music from the fathomless pool of such recordings what I have done. To be fair I think it might cost you $35 whether you live in Saint Petersburg or in Godalming or Ghanzi but fuckit.
They said this:
“The use of amateurism and error as a means of composition characterize the art of Pete Um. It is important to understand that to be able to appreciate Pete’s work for CAA. His off-kilter methodology and stumbling attitude is still present, but it’s drenched in an abrasive and tape-hissy miasma. Worth it alone for transmutation. Here are the most intricate drones one has ever heard, analog meditations on life, anxiety, and death, bringing an incredible depth to what could have been a very flat sound, tape hiss clear as day with the distant warbles and close ripples sounding as if they’re inside your head, immaculate dreams filled with soft synths, galvanic and calming on so many levels, the silence is anything but, embedding the slightest shred of suddenness into every next moment, and going full on lumpy euphoria in the most restrained way, a heaven we never knew existed and never want to leave, this is masterful in its strange beauty, a perfect goddamn record.”
UK. By far and away the greatest suppliers of all Pete Um grist is Leeds-based online music retail heroes Norman Records, where you can buy reasonably-priced copies of Can’t Get Started, The New Album, Babysitting The Apocalypse and Giraffe! Amazing. Well done everyone.
I’m not going to mention Boomkat but I think you can get the split with Ascoltare there still too, but then you might as well just get that off Discogs cos even if you were shipping to the moon it’d still probably be cheaper and you wouldn’t have to read any of that “Don’t sleep!” business.
Australia. Nothing.

So yeah, if you live on Earth and you don’t do Bandcamp or you loathe global commerce or whatever, that’s what you’re up against. If there’s any way anybody out there can help with distribution I would be very pleased to hear from you. I don’t mind sending small numbers of stuff on flexible terms and so forth.

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