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Very pleased to be included in another relational outburst outta Brussels.

Show #298, 10th December 2013 w/ Selvhenter, Pete Um, Post-Materialists, The Stranger, Daniel Spicer a.o.

Mis en ligne le mercredi 11 décembre 2013 par L’étranger

L’étranger broadcasts every possible Tuesday 21h00 – 22h00 (CET) on Radio Panik 105.4FM. A relational outburst.

Scrambling radio art/art of radio, social imaginary significations, occulture cries & whispers, collective fictional space, fluxional artcore, post-economic music, queer diasporas

Audio of Show #298 is here : OGG (34MB) or mp3 (54MB)

The following were scrambled with tape manipulations of a random pluck from Eland Faxjaran’s shortwave cassette archive :

1. Violet Ferrer V.S. Raglani – Untitled
mp3 from artist’s Soundcloud site, 2012
2. The Stranger – We Are Enemies But Not Here
mp3 from ’Watching Dead Empires In Decay’ digital release (Modern Love, UK) 2013
3. Post-Materialists – No
mp3 from ’Return to Dope Mountain’ net release, 2013
4. Panelak – Theodoroperou
mp3 from ’S/T’ digital release, 2013
5. Gabriel Saloman – Music for Prisons
mp3 from artist’s Bandcamp page, 2012
6. The Capybaras – The Doctor’s on Holiday
from ’Stropicalia’ digital release / CD, 2013
7. Jerry Modjesk & Chuck Isle – Ethereal Honky Tonk
mp3 from ’Another Flask of Weird – Wake Up Weird #2’, 1983
8. Jessica Meor – wwm
from Vimeo video, 2013
9. Samantha Vacation – Ms. Hotel’s Indiscretion
mp3 from artist’s Soundcloud site, 2013
10. Anton Heyboer – Regeneration
from ’Rules Of The Universe’ 2XLP (Kye, USA)
11. Trouble Dove – In The Luminosity
mp3 from ’S/T’ digital release, 2013
12. н.о.ж. – Я достаточно красива
mp3 from artist’s LastFM page, orig. release 1994
13. Disism – DisClean
mp3 from ’Finished Products In The Making’ net release, recorded1993
14. Marta Sainz – Hellas
mp3 from FMA, 2013
15. Гражданской Обороны – Всё пройдёт
from ’Инструкция по выживанию’ CD, orig. release 1990

Lyrics somewhat translated by the Russian coleman : “Lovely night, couple in love / Flowers and lilac, normal things / Ordinary objects of life / They meet two division servicemen / And here she is raped / And he has a torn liver / Chorus : Everything passes, sadness, and joy / Everything passes, that’s the way to the light / Everything passes, just have to believe / That love does not pass, no. / pass, no / Spring in October, talk about peace / strengthen your troops, otherwise certain destruction / Finnish winter, Europe on the assault bayonets / The cold war was the mutual guilt of the giants / CHORUS / A Beautiful face, obscure books / Talk about how we all have every right / A bottle of wine, casual insults / Broken faces of friends, humiliation, bloody foam / CHORUS”

16. Daniel Spicer – Sans Titit
mp3 from ’Classwar Karaoke – 0017 Survey’ digital release, 2012
17. Selvhenter – Bali
from ’Frk. B. Fricka’ LP (Eget Værelse, Denmark) 2012
18. Pete Um – A Different Time
mp3 from ’CAA#8’ digital release / 2×7.5″ Polycarbonate lathe cut (Cyland Audio Archive, Russia) 2012
19. Bing Selfish & The Ideals – Hotline To A Hothead Intro
from ’The Legendary Conway Hall Concert & Other Live Gems’ CD (El Frenzy, Spain) 2005

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