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If I had the time ‘n’ energy I’d write something about how Our Rich is dumping his old shit on Soundcloud and be weirdly fanboyish about it in an irritatingly pretentious way, as though in some way it’s mainly about me. Talking of which, AFX’s example has inspired me to uh… led me to copy it, obviously. Unfortunately, perhaps, no fan (because: no fans) is going to pay for a Pro Unlimited for me so I’ve only been able to take a tiny percentage from the folder called “um_motherlode”. I was going to do it alphabetically but I got hung up on whether I should start with tracks with numerals at the start of the title. In the end I picked songs starting with the letter C, and the 180 minutes limit was only enough for half of them. As it stands “um_motherlode” has 2676 files comprising 63.1GB of data, but it isn’t actually the sum total of all the funny music I’ve done, just because archiving sensibly is a complex pain in the arse. Some stuff never made it off cassettes, some data couldn’t be retrieved from shitty CD-Rs, some music only exists in project files so there is no mixdown, and finally I don’t think I’ve added anything to the motherlode for the last few years, as having one massive folder with all your music is an incredibly daft and impractical way of storing it. Although I will admit to having some remaining (albeit laughably-reduced) ambitions for my music, I still basically make it because I like doing it, and I still like it when I’ve done it, generally. This factor sometimes forms an allegiance with my innate fucking slackness, my addled fuzzy brain, my defining sense of doubt, my fear to succeed, etc etc etc, to engender a pathologically indisciplined way of producing stuff. And I suppose it’s an aesthetic I subscribe to or whatever. So, in contrast to, say, Richard, whose less-inspired and perhaps unfinished tracks uploaded to Soundcloud still benefit hugely from an unmistakable ear for melody and rhythm and a thorough understanding of compostion and arrangement, a substantial amount of my recorded music is either a sketch or a sketch with a bit of work. Equally, a lot of it is the result of many hours of detailed edits, but that’s kind of another story. So, to shoot this convoluted snake of an explanation dead with the pellet gun of lucidity: I have uploaded a load of tracks to Soundcloud, have a look if you like. I will try and make them all downloadable as soon as I get a minute innit. Still some physical product available via Bandcamp.

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  1. Edit: added 4 tracks to um_motherlode in 2011. Most recent tracks before that were 2008, lol.

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