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Thankyou Kai!

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Pete Um
Keywords: experimental electronic gnostic rock Cambridge

The weird side of music seems like a small but interesting niche. A part of music makers that most people will never find out about and others seem to swim in as if it’s their natural habitat. It’s a strange thing, an odd scene of poetic clowns, tormented artists who live life with their hearts on their sleeves and probably have silly hats on. Sometimes it’s as if it’s inhabitants are in some kind of contest of who is the weirdest? Will it be the girl who sings about frozen fish? Will it be the man who sings about golden noses? Will it be the woman who raps in the out of tune ways? The man who reads out graffiti while he walks around with a dictaphone? The freak that whistles on other people’s noses? Or perhaps…

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