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Pete UM – No Pressure

‘No Pressure’ is now out on Gagarin Records, the label owned by German eclecto pop maestro, Felix Kubin. The blindin’ artwork for the album was created by dennis tyfus. For now there are only be a few copies available from me personally, but that I’m hoping it will be carried by the likes of Boomkat and Norman Records very soon. The album is limited to 350 copies so buy yours today to ensure disappointment. Maybe also buy a copy of Tripel 004 while you’re about it.

Pete UM - No Pressure cover

Here’s the tracklisting:

1 Soul Bruise
2 The God of war
3 The Guru let me down
4 Norwegian Blues
5 Day 2 Loukas in Mulch
6 The Loukas Extract
7 Crop Destroyer
8 If you speak my real name
9 The social astronaut

1 Holy Fire (Candie Hank Remix)
2 The Man’s Got Me Beat
3 Eyes
4 Drunk Ghost
5 Wriggle On
6 I Can’t Take Care Of Myself
7 Givemethatrandomdspboy
8 Indigenous Craftsman
9 Um For Free

All songs are written by Pete Um apart from the Holy Fire remix which was fiddled with by Candie Hank
The album was recorded between 2000-2007 at the UM home, Mill Road, Cambridge
The album was mastered by Rashad Becker

Thanks to Gagarin, Tripel, Strange Lights, Bad Timing, Andrew Coleman and the rest

Posted February 16, 2008 by peteum2013

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