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Autechre Studio Robbery   2 comments

Autechre Studio Robbery MP3

This is definitely ADAT-type material. I was thinking of a couple of ne’er-do-wells padding around in Sean and Robs’ studio, fingering the knobs on the machines.

Sounds like MPC 2000, some Moogerfrooger love, some Electrix filtering, even some thumb piano and guitar.


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A Different Time   Leave a comment

A Different Time MP3

This was some ADAT shit done in Sam’s cupboard. Or was it done on a reel-to-reel?

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Bumskipper 4 sleevenotes   Leave a comment

UM: Bumskipper 4 Sleevenotes.

1. Reach For The Stars

Some words of encouragement to get us started. 7″ with no hole for spindle.
2. The Love For A Child.
More Oberheim Matrix 1000 and Line 6 DL4 produced this tender thing.
3. Loaded With Power
What is the real X factor? Nico said to Iggy: “You have to have ze poison…”
4. Day 2 Loukas In Mulch.
Some reel to reel + Audiomulch. Damn I wish I registered in time. I was down with the beta for about 8 years, for Christs’s sake.
5. Givemethatrandomdspboy.
Fuck Boards Of Canada! Where is my fucking money! Computer.
6. Raindrop joy.
Hyperactively happy idiot splash. Retard PE music. TEAC A-3340S
7. Overwhelm Human Host
Soundtrack to being invaded by alien robot. DL4 stuff.
8. Green Wellies For Susan.
Not sure who Susan is but her boots are evidently annoying me. ADAT of Dave.
9. I’m Distracted.

I think this was something without beats, and then it got beats, and then the MFU came along with his theremin, but he wasn’t really feeling it, but it still sounded OK thru plug-ins and shit.
10. The Trawler.
Submarines in the harbour incognito. TEAC.
11. Fifty Years.
A school chum sent my Dad a photo of himself at Scout Camp in the 50s. He’s running towards the camera wielding an axe. Funny old thing, time…
12. Quiet Acid.
LSD as Tardis?
13. How The Shrew Relaxes.
This exclusively uses the chair I’m sat on right now as a sound source. Actually this should be called Shrew Jam.
14. Soul Bruise.
My struggle.