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Hey guys,

ha, floppy own-brand tortilla chips, peanuts and Lilt and vodka (just a very small medical dash for my damaged tropical child) for breakfast. Happy New Year. Can’t sleep so let my betters rest. A guitar string just pinged on the wall so I must be Accompanied.

I don’t know if you use Discogs but I do and I like it. I’m not one of those psychedelic revolutionaries that acts like a soul-smarm priest who’s pretending he hasn’t got anything in his underpants. I have baby, it’s here. I believe in the meta-fundamentals of the market. I believe in the Big Deal, it is holy to me. If a has it, and b wants it, then so be it and let’s haggle the fucker across. We are good creatures, don’t get me wrong, and people forget it and then get all pious when someone helps a brother out as if it isn’t written into us like hunger, violence and sorrow, but in that sense humans are alright and can’t help but help. Ants help ants, wolves howl for the chase, Biiiig Issue etc. Yeah, but fuck the Old Ways and Record Collector and that. My The Best Of Abba used to say £40 in the Book, but, uh, the internets is grease for human souls and the funny thing about capitalism, cos all human history is irony, is that which is finessed is also almost complete & thus over, man. What I mean is the web is The Final Auction, and that goes for eBay as much as Tahrir square or whatever. OK.

So, if you’re still with me, or ever were, then here is a racing tip for the lowest common denominator written on a peice of internet paper. Our pal Si, you shall know him by his name up there, has got at least one copy of Tripel 004 going at £2. Now I don’t cast aspersions on Simon, because of what I’ve said above, and because he is someone who both likes to live simply and also used to run an online shop, and since the two are incompatible the former will inevitably win out over the latter, thank goodness fror his sake. Tripel 004?, I hear you ask in your unripe foolishness, like dogs questioning the unlikely appearance of the Ace in the great fucking help of the sleight of hand! Well, way back when when there was no history of that to make a mad old man tell it like this now, yer Dave, my fucking Dave, in his Gold-souled wish for something more meaningful than what’s measured in money, stumped up for the Split. A thousand fucking pounds. Mastered by the fucking Faroe Goodiepal on a reel-to-reel (he says) according to his special specifications. Dubplates & Mastering. A picture disc. Designed by Animals On Wheels. Me half-cut in an amusment arcade in Padstow throwing it down like a Maori warrior or some PNG shit. It’s all fucking grist. Two Thousand & Five, Dave on the concrete tip, the audio derive through the raw tripped-out beauty of sound, where even TV cookshows can get souffled into something just-so that the absence of words leaves your dumb face in a squinch whilst your mind races for HELP. You know James Ferraro? Well, it’s not like that music-wise but it isn’t just the chefs. I feel this strongly. There’s a blankness, an overloadedness of symbols, that was in the recipe. Play the records side by side. Mix them together perhaps. And yeah, it’s half a giraffe of probably the best thing I ever did or will. I’m on Discogs, and you can buy the CD-R off me for not-a-penny-less than 5 quid, and it might be the complete thing, but that record is All Gold, solid fucking gold, and the only reason you don’t know it is because nobody told you, but I’m telling you now.

So, what I’m asking you to do, is please buy the record off Simon. I think the market value is more like £4.50, at least, so you’d be getting a good deal. We still live under a capitalist system, but this is a time of renewal, traditionally. Why not make it your first symbolic purchase of 2012? Please.



Bless Nochexxx   1 comment

Bless Dave he’s got round to sorting out the oft-threatened selectation duties for a new Um release, cos he reckons he can do the honours better than me or anyone else. Last week he sent me a 22 minute mix saying it was more or less definitive but last I heard (yesterday) he was on about a 3XLP! Anyway he sent some documentation pix to illustrate his dubious labour. Any you don’t recognise?






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Nochexxx/Sensational 12" Boomkat Single Of The Week!   Leave a comment

NOCHEXXX – Smashing Your System, Werk

Forever keeping heads on their toes, Werk Records dash this curveball from the brilliant Nochexxx and marmite MC extraordinaire, Sensational, into our path. We really don’t know what the f*ck is going on with ‘Smashing Your System’, it’s like a folder full of Philip Jeck, Throbbing Gristle and Anti Pop Consortium has been corrupted with live protein enzymes, resulting in one confounding bit of beaten oddness. ‘Sinbliss’ is a little easier to grasp, if a mesh of Belgian New Beat with swampy Dub subs and the most disjointed MC in the business is nothing out of the ordinary to you. For us it’s one of the best WTF moments we’ve had in months. Fans of V/Vm and High Priest, it’s all yours!

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War & Dynamite   2 comments

Looks like I’m playing tomorrow’s Bad Timing with Gary War, which is cool.

In other cool news Dave & I watched the Sensational film last night and it’s great & I am totally in it, which makes me really proud and embarassed at the same time. Dave is the original fan round here though, and he’s really kept the faith over the years. I should do a proper blog about that actually. Remind me to do that. And go and buy the Nochexxx/Sensational record on Werk. It’s fucking great.

Today I bought:

“Cocaine” Dillinger
“In Praise Of Learning” Henry Cow (that’s the pick of the bunch right there)
“Marquee Moon” Television (I do have two copies already but it was in good nick and it’s on Discogs right now.
“Love Bites” Buzzcocks
“Shape Of Things To Come” The Kinks (10″!)
“Don’t Break My Heart” UB40 7″ (I think this tune has a charming weirdness, so fuck you).
“Loving You” Minnie Ripperton. (Figure I might get to play this at the end of some messy night one day).

When I went up to the counter the bloke said “hello dynamite” and I gave him a weird smile because I thought he was talking to me and not whoever had just walked through the door behind me.

Snappidag 26.   Leave a comment

Check out Snappidag 26, which is a photo of one Meta DJ by another.

Guess one man’s record boast is another man’s Snappidag.

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Interviewed by Auntie Jude   Leave a comment

WAN Mum Jude 1 asked a few local bands some difficult questions for Line Of Best Fit.

That’s the link to the full text but the Um bit is:

Who’s in your band?
Just Pete Um and the various machines.

Describe your music.
Still can’t do this question. Kinda structureless miniatures of gnostic electronic rock married with metaphysical protest poems. Dada haiku fortune cookie wisdom/Christmas cracker jokes. The pursuit of the ineffable since 1996. Or, to paraphrase Steve Adams’ summarisation: it’s just singing over tapes (of songs that sound like they’ve broken on the way to the speakers).

Which of the other bands on this list do you a) know b) rate c) share members with?
I don’t know The Last Dinosaur, Puncture Repair Kit, The Tupolev Ghost, or Victoria and Jacob, but I know the rest to a greater or lesser extent. Obviously I think all the bands are fabulous and all that but if I was about to be shot and I was allowed to pick one band to play a set in my cell I know I would still smile when Jamie and Andrew (The Vichy Government) shuffled in.

What band/artist should have been on this list, that isn’t?
All my mates that are in bands that you haven’t listed, which I have to say for reasons of diplomacy.

How is your music (if at all) informed by your Cambridgeness?
By osmotic transference. Cambridge appears in my songs now and then, and vice versa.

What has been the best thing your band has achieved, to date?
Puh. Uh… well apart from just getting up and doing it and keeping doing it I suppose I’m proud to have played a lot of gigs over a long time. It’s been nice to play in Europe and have it go well, and it’s great to have done some music that I still feel good about several years down the line. And I’m proud to have produced such a large body or work, even if, as someone once said, they are short songs.

What are your musical aspirations for the future?
I don’t really do aspirational. I would just like to make small runs of records and have similar numbers of people buy them.

Who are your musical influences?
It would be a very long list. Sometimes I think the best musicians sound like themselves though.

What’s good, bad and indifferent about the Cambridge music scene?
It’s a tricky one. I sort of like the localness of being in a band in Cambridge, because there isn’t really a scene in the negative sense of the word. I used to describe myself as a Community Popstar as a jokey comment on Cambridge’s possible insularity and/or my woeful failure to break out of it. There isn’t too much ego or bullshit to being in a band in Cambridge, and audiences are pretty accepting and supporting. The bad thing is that a lot of potential gig-goers are a transient population of students etc, and they may never even make it to The Portland in the first place! Also, you rarely get a sense of energy at Cambridge gigs, or the ones I go to anyway.

Why should we care about you?
You said I should imagine Janet Street-Porter was asking me these questions. To this one I would reply “Shut your teeth, Janet.” Who says I care if you care, even if I do?

Give us the background or an introduction to your track
I like this track because, like some of the best songs, it sort of seemed to almost make itself. I did the music in about 45 minutes and wrote some words about this woman who’d approached me after a gig I’d played the night before to tell me my songs were too short. I have a motto which is “It’s all grist” which means that I would like to think I can co-opt anything for Um purposes. In this case I cheekily provide my attractive critic with her own song, and even though I spent only five minutes in her company I have been told by those who know her well that I captured something about her. Even though there is a sense that the joke is ultimately on the sad musician in the song there is a note of rueful defiance struck by the song’s 1:18 track length.

Tripel 004 Clocks for sale. While stocks last!   1 comment

It’s true that the current economic meltdown has caused many to look for more secure ways of hanging onto their money, but if you wanted to invest in something of real lasting intrinsic value then look no further than this auction up on Ebay. My pal and fellow Meta DJ Nochexxx has knocked up some Limited Edition clocks to celebrate the existence of a few hundred copies of Tripel 004 under his bed. Like, you can’t tell the time with a Krugerand boyeee!

This is how Nochexxx himself has it on the page:

“Due to recent resurgence in popularity tripel records have decided to press ultra limited quantities (5 of each) of bespoke pete um / ascoltare clocks. once sold this limited edition art object of tripel lp 004 will never be pressed again! we have advertised this item at a buy-it-now price of £1000 (this is the value of the item which we believe to be true), however we are open to the gaeoudjiparl bartering system! that is to say you are welcome to offer us a price you think is a true reflection of such an artifact. good hunting and rah to those who choose to ignore the current economic crisis! “