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Was mixing my drinks last night, with way more herbal teas than standard. Green tea, peppermint, cammomile. crashed out about 2AM after viewing the enjoyable Royal Tennenbaums with my hand on the volume knob all the way through. I could watch Gene Hackman all day. Awoke sweating after vivid dream just after 4. Dream was in the style of sophisticated and modish American TV program about a military unit engaged in jungle warfare, like a more humid version of Generation Kill. Woke up silently screaming – being pursued by guys in headscarves swarming down a hill. Outside it was a muggy, misty East Anglia.Felix’s thing was fun, although I have some regrets. They are:

Should have taken more pictures because it was hard to take a bad one, especially at the party.
Wish Felix DJed the 7″ singles he asked us all to bring (one each was stipulated, although I brought about 6 and Dave brought 3), or maybe even asked me and Dave to DJ, although he probably doesn’t know quite how talented we are in that regard. He certainly didn’t know I had brought my MP3 player with minijack to RCA phono adaptors just in case.
I regret being totally fucking partied out by about 1.30AM, thereby not getting to actually talk that much to people.
I regret telling Mariola’s daughter that she sounded like her Mum. What I meant was that I’d been trying to discern evidence of her maternal origins all evening and suddenly I caught a glimpse in her manner, in a sudden intensity of expression. Even Bobby, who isn’t synonymous with propriety, was more or less aghast at this gauche error.

Treated Belgium and London as one long holiday and I’m a little tired and bored of myself now. I’m sure burning the candle on and off uses more wax or something. Anyway, you lot babysit the apocalypse for a bit. I’m getting an early night.



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OK, just spent a very long time uploading stills in this very clunky process only for them to disappear so I will do this in bits to minimise the kind of rage that I am experiencing right fucking now.

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This young man from the insurance ad was able to make me gasp with loathing in seconds because he seemed to embody a whole raft of infinitely hateable things with just a few gormless Satan-cocksucking words and a twatty face, but look, today I somehow stumbled upon whole minutes of the cunt talking arse, for fuck’s sake. I mean Christ, just look at this if you can bear it:

As ever, the comments after the YouTube clip are instructive in one way or another.

Just in case you need to quickly distract yourself from sinking your teeth into your own flesh just to feel something real, here’s God’s own postmodernist Guy Debord with an antidote of sorts:


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Check out the comments after the clip.

Does this kind of thing count as an incitement to religious violence, cos it makes me feel a bit jihadi and I’m from fucking Guildford…

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