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And below a rough translation by amateur Frenchperson Ergo Phizmiz, with interjections by Felix Kubin:

> Gagarin Records is ten years old, and to celebrate the occasion, we
> >received three LPs as different to each other as possible, so
> >undoubtedly showing it’s openness of spirit. We commence with
> >Echokrank, a German duo who begin with the sound of the New German
> >[Welle]

Welle is simply “Wave” (Neue Deutsche Welle)

> >and primitive electro with synths [I don’t understand the next bit at
> >all]. Stuffed with ideas and humour, their LP abounds with ironic
> >bombs like the very danceable “I Hate Everyone In the Diskotheque”,
> >the electro-punk of “I Wanna Be an American Idiot” or “Glitter Kids”,
> >and the indispensible cover of “Marian” by Sisters of Mercy.
> >Indispensable!

> >
> >Definitely more deadpan, the American Ergo Phizmiz, sometime partner
> >with People Like Us, offers “Handmade in the Monasteries of Nepal /
> >Eloise My Dolly”, an album that has nothing to do with Nepal, the
> >title just an inscription on the incense used during the recording of
> >the album. The audible totality of the sounds here are realised by
> >the mouth of Ergo Phizmiz, human beat box, but also living-sampler
> >and singer of piquant phrases, and the others sound like a mantra.
> >The second side, “Eloise My Dolly”, bordelic-operetta and folk played
> >with “folk” instruments and traversed inbetween with spoken-word like
> >a counterpoint, showing the two “collagist” facets of the oeuvre of
> >Ergo Phizmiz.
> >
> >Evolving in a slightly more pop vein, the English Pete Um conjugates
> >the second degree of an Ergo Phizmiz and inserts jazz, citations of
> >topicality, a taste for the absurd, and often comes close to Nurse
> >With Wound. Frankly [dejante],

dejante = crazy

> >Um is [encense also with] Hot Chip or Ariel Pink,

“he has been incensed” by Ariel Pink and Hot Chip

> >and “No Pressure” is a veritable cold shower of British humour (“The
> >Guru Let Me Down” and “Mister Tony Blair” in loop), “No Pressure” is
> >an ideal album to close this new series of atypical deliveries from
> >one of the insatiable labels of the moment.

I like the “veritable cold shower” line.