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An Appeal   6 comments

Hey guys,

ha, floppy own-brand tortilla chips, peanuts and Lilt and vodka (just a very small medical dash for my damaged tropical child) for breakfast. Happy New Year. Can’t sleep so let my betters rest. A guitar string just pinged on the wall so I must be Accompanied.

I don’t know if you use Discogs but I do and I like it. I’m not one of those psychedelic revolutionaries that acts like a soul-smarm priest who’s pretending he hasn’t got anything in his underpants. I have baby, it’s here. I believe in the meta-fundamentals of the market. I believe in the Big Deal, it is holy to me. If a has it, and b wants it, then so be it and let’s haggle the fucker across. We are good creatures, don’t get me wrong, and people forget it and then get all pious when someone helps a brother out as if it isn’t written into us like hunger, violence and sorrow, but in that sense humans are alright and can’t help but help. Ants help ants, wolves howl for the chase, Biiiig Issue etc. Yeah, but fuck the Old Ways and Record Collector and that. My The Best Of Abba used to say £40 in the Book, but, uh, the internets is grease for human souls and the funny thing about capitalism, cos all human history is irony, is that which is finessed is also almost complete & thus over, man. What I mean is the web is The Final Auction, and that goes for eBay as much as Tahrir square or whatever. OK.

So, if you’re still with me, or ever were, then here is a racing tip for the lowest common denominator written on a peice of internet paper. Our pal Si, you shall know him by his name up there, has got at least one copy of Tripel 004 going at £2. Now I don’t cast aspersions on Simon, because of what I’ve said above, and because he is someone who both likes to live simply and also used to run an online shop, and since the two are incompatible the former will inevitably win out over the latter, thank goodness fror his sake. Tripel 004?, I hear you ask in your unripe foolishness, like dogs questioning the unlikely appearance of the Ace in the great fucking help of the sleight of hand! Well, way back when when there was no history of that to make a mad old man tell it like this now, yer Dave, my fucking Dave, in his Gold-souled wish for something more meaningful than what’s measured in money, stumped up for the Split. A thousand fucking pounds. Mastered by the fucking Faroe Goodiepal on a reel-to-reel (he says) according to his special specifications. Dubplates & Mastering. A picture disc. Designed by Animals On Wheels. Me half-cut in an amusment arcade in Padstow throwing it down like a Maori warrior or some PNG shit. It’s all fucking grist. Two Thousand & Five, Dave on the concrete tip, the audio derive through the raw tripped-out beauty of sound, where even TV cookshows can get souffled into something just-so that the absence of words leaves your dumb face in a squinch whilst your mind races for HELP. You know James Ferraro? Well, it’s not like that music-wise but it isn’t just the chefs. I feel this strongly. There’s a blankness, an overloadedness of symbols, that was in the recipe. Play the records side by side. Mix them together perhaps. And yeah, it’s half a giraffe of probably the best thing I ever did or will. I’m on Discogs, and you can buy the CD-R off me for not-a-penny-less than 5 quid, and it might be the complete thing, but that record is All Gold, solid fucking gold, and the only reason you don’t know it is because nobody told you, but I’m telling you now.

So, what I’m asking you to do, is please buy the record off Simon. I think the market value is more like £4.50, at least, so you’d be getting a good deal. We still live under a capitalist system, but this is a time of renewal, traditionally. Why not make it your first symbolic purchase of 2012? Please.



High Fidelity: Pete Um's "Evil" and The Beta Band.   4 comments

Here’s a classic bit of Grist, or at least it is if you’re me. So, what, two years ago or thereabouts I do that song Evil which has just a smidgen of a sample of some guitar and some claps from some Beta Band tune – I don’t even know which one to be honest. I don’t do much sampling any more (in fact I keep meaning to force myself back into it because I’m obviously not a proper musician and I could do with the assistance basically) but when I do I tend to sort of shut my eyes when I’m doing it like I won’t be blamed for nicking the cookies. I don’t fetishize samples anyway, cos it’s 2010 innit? Maybe I would if I knew how to slice a loop onto my MPC but I’m essentially a dickhead and I march to a different drum. So yeah, because I actually like the Beta Band (one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to and I don’t really know why, cos apart from the films they just stood there and played and normally I like a bit of something going on) I kind of got infected with the vibe and to my mind that tune owes more than a few strums and claps to the old BB. There’s the kind of underdog’s ontological wrestling bout feel or tale of spiritual redemption or whatever it is that sounds like such a sincere rallying cry kinda vibe coming out of Steve Mason’s mouth and has the power to uplift in some weirdly northern English soully type of way. Hmm, put like that maybe the song owes nothing to The Beta Band ha ha! Anyway as soon as my pal Pilar in Hamburg heard the tune she professed herself a fan and before long was on at me about making a 7″ on which it would feature. Given she hadn’t engaged in the joys of negotiating one’s way through the treacherous terrain that one must cross to produce a piece of vinyl I was not holding my breath, but the project has crept along over the months for something approaching a couple of years. Then, recently, I heard the Greenmind bloke Mr Baker had booked Steve Mason to play at The Haymakers in Cambridge and I asked to support, only in part because I thought it would be funny to bust out the track in front of him and see if his face did something funny. Plus, if I’m honest, I thought he might like it. For one thing of all the music he’s made over the years I am a particular fan of his Sings Nelly Foggit’s Blues in Me and the Pharaohs record as King Biscuit Time, and in particular the track Little White. In fact just doing a bit of research for this post I came across the following description of the song by an Amazon customer:

“The EP’s real gem is ‘Little White’, a short, sombre effort that really doesn’t sound like anyone else – Mason really is some sort of unfocused genius with melody, and the sheer colour of his music. “

Excellently put, I would say. I’ve tried to rip off that short sombre vibe matey refers to several times, I can assure you.

Anyway, despite the fact that I forget the power supply to my mixer and it throws me a bit the gig goes quite well. Partly this is due to the fact that Simon decides to pay me in Guinness and partly because the soundman Rob misunderstands my request for a high table and has me sort of sat at a desk, which seems to work and lends itself to a whole range of intuitive upper body performance tics. After a couple of tunes I am pleased to see obvious signs that Mr Mason is not only present but also possibly enjoying himself. Alas, however, at the very point at which Evil begins he rises from his chair and goes to exit through the back door, at which point Simon (who is hip to my little Evil plan) twigs what is going on and hurries over to him to awkwardly explain that he is about to miss something he may well not give a fuck about. Indeed this must be the case for after he cocks an ear for a few seconds in the direction of the stage he continues out the door and I am ever so mildly crushed.

Then the Steve Mason section of the evening begins and although the band have a slight air of the “what the hell are we doing at The Haymakers” about them everything sounds pretty tight and polished and Steve’s voice carries everything along in that manner which is oddly difficult to define, and by the time they do I Walk The Earth there is a sense of BRITISH SOUL UNDENIABILITY feedbacking around the North Cambridge pub. After the show Steve’s reputation for not really being a fan of bullshit leaves me unwilling to exploit any shmoozing opportunities, and besides I’m enjoying some agreeably random chats with some agreeably random punters. However, just as I’m set to leave my Guinness levels must have been sufficiently high for me to speculate that it is not entirely unreasonable for the support band to say goodbye to the main act and when I do this I am pleasantly surprised to quickly find my “old man in a pub” routine, as Steve styles it, praised for its virtues. He also speaks to me quite matter of factly about a couple of other support slots I might step into on the rest of the tour, and asks me if I have a pen to write down my number. As I don’t he darts back inside the pub and when he doesn’t reappear for a few minutes I follow him inside because I am concerned that I am the one getting the favour and he’s the one doing the legwork, and, sure enough, there’s Steve Mason from The Beta Band at the bar queuing up to get a fucking pen so he can write down Pete Um’s number. I should relish this funny little moment of course, but instead I just feel massively Englishly awkward as usual.

Anyway, blah blah blah, eventually I get asked to play London and Brighton but unfortunately I can’t do Brighton because I have to go to Huntingdon to learn about mentees the following day but I do get to play Cargo last week. My set isn’t that great, partly because the whole Neil thing makes standing up on-stage and asking for attention a bit pointless but also because it is a bit pointless when the sell-out crowd are watching the World Cup in the adjacent bar, or all of them apart from about 15 people anyway. Luckily for me however, one of those people is Steve Duffield, formerly of The Beta Band. Thus it is that when I wake up the next day and switch on my computer I have a Facebook friend request from Mr Duffield, who is gratifyingly keen to find out where one can buy Pete Um vinyl online. As usual when anyone asks me this question, and in marked contrast to the amount of effort I generally put into making sure this information is anywhere near under anyone’s nose, I send Steve an exhaustive list of where you can get your hands on that sweet Um shit. As an afterthought, and because I’m half thinking about Evil and The Beta Band connection, I mention that there’s meant to be a single coming out of Germany but I don’t know where you can buy it. About a month previously Pilar had told me I should be receiving my personal copies of the record in the post within 7 working days but since I’d seen neither hide nor hair of them I’d come to believe they were missing for good. So, with a degree of spooky inevitability, as soon as I’ve sent the Facebook message and go in search of cups of tea and whatnot, I discover the bloody things are on our downstairs table. And this, dear reader, is how the first person to buy Pete Um’s Evil is a member of the group that sorta inspired the song. Pretty cool huh?

So, if anyone wants to buy into the conceptual wormhole that has Steve Duffield doing for the Um brand what John Cusack did for his old outfit, or even just buy a copy of the 7″, I have a few available at, say… £3.99?

I wish I had a link to direct people to a place where you can buy it online, as you can somewhere, but I am waiting on that. Suffice to say that the single is a split between me and Miss Hawaii, is the first release on HomeRec and has no catalogue number as far as I can tell. My tracks are of course Evil, as well as That’s Too Close. Miss Hawaii brings us Oyasumi. 300 for the world on randomly-coloured vinyl, i.e. they are all different!


Pete Um/Miss Hawaii 7"s arrive from Germany.

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Next Tuesday at Cargo in London.

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I have a nasty birthday next week, so I’m in party activist mode this week trying to make sure the damn thing has food and music and guests and stuff. As I’m super stinko-poor I haven’t bought hardly any records in about a year and a half apart from a couple of charity-shop things that were cheap enough for me not to be able to resist. In fact I’ve been trying to sell stuff like mad on Discogs to get the damn things out of my room and make a little dough to survive. Last week I had a good week because Guru died and some Finnish geezer bought a Gang Starr 7″ (Love Sick) I had and a Jackson Sisters LP and the Hi-Tension Record. Also sold some Psychic TV-related thing I only had the second disc of. Anyways money came in and records and mailers went out and then it all fucked up yesterday because I stumbled on a nice little stash of vinyl that seems tailored to the kind of thrash I’m hoping to midwif a week today. So, spent about everything I’ve got to live on but it had to be done.

Not a party track. Or is it?

Also got a Bohannon tune called I’ve Got The Dance Fever which I can’t find on YouTube. Oh yeah and ditto The Enemy Within the Sherwood/LeBlanc Support The Miners record. All 12″!

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If you want to see me on the 25th I’m afraid it’s going to cost you £32. Also, apologies to anyone who plays guitar.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Welcome to UmWorld.

This CD makes me think of sheds for some reason. Tool-boxes rather than Roland Grooveboxes. Rusting scythes, the smell of WD-40, those little scraper things that you use to de-ice windscreens in winter. (Computer) Music for Shepherds.


“I think I just caught myself out”.

Tracks. Lots of them. Lots of tracks. Logic stacked laterally. Illogical longing.

Words are shifted around to make new sentences, new meanings; a Rubic Cube of words. Sometimes it’s something that’s a little bit like poetry, but not quite – synonymic and phonetic shifts – almost puns – other/times it’s like he’s talking to himself, chatting to dead air, open-mic over Rustic Crunk, joshing imaginary friends, drinking, playfully critiquing himself or getting annoyed by something that might (or might not) have happened earlier that day; it’s like a series of entries in a diary – blogsplatter n scribbled memos-to-self – sometimes talk-songs, sometimes soulful n semi-funky: observations, moans, pronouncements… all accompanied by an array of ratcheting samples and clicky-hissy percussives, a bass-gtr or back-parlour Electro.

(Some of the songs are instrumentals.)

“A male entity announces his name,” says an anonymous snippet of voice plucked from the air. I love things that arrive devoid of context; that force you to guess, to make up a story.

Sometimes he’s tongue-in-cheek; sometimes tongue n groove.

Later, on another song, a weary, downpitched voice says, “No, I really do feel awful” and makes me think of a half-dead cartoon horse. A plodding drum-beat and forlorn-sounding series of bass-strums trudge their way across a seemingly-endless field of mud – a Flanders of the Soul – singing: “I feel so depressed / when I get dressed”. I’m feelin’ it, mate; I’m really feelin’ it.

UmMusic wears its drum-machine on its sleeve for everyone to see.

On “Too Old For Sports” he comes on like a Beck of the Flatlands, a dissolute songwriter exiled out in the reeds and bullrushes w/ a sleeping-bag and his 4-track: “EQ my soul (my piss-up)…I’m on a hidin’ to nuthin’…” / “Scaring myself with the power of a biro…” / etc.

Elsewhere, he’s like a one-man boombox version of The Residents (“Curse The Calm before The Storm”)…fractured riddims n half-melodies rubbin’ themselves against a chair-leg like a randy flea-bitten Spaniel: “I’m gonna drink a lot of Guinness / and get real fat / I’m gonna get no pussy / and stink of cat / And not give a fuck / About this and that…”

Occasionally, he lists his gear or explains how he’s mixing/tweaking the music; I loove it when Process reveals itself and, instead of demystifying the act of creation – the glamour of sound-art – it folds back in on itself adding another layer of complexity. Revelatory auto-critique as a backing vocalist, yeah!

32 tracks! – not everyone’s gonna be a winner; but there’s no shit either; nothing bores or outlasts its welcome – this is like a quiet idea-storm: a procession of thoughts, camera-angles, memories, rambles, rumbles, micro-anthems, marching songs, drinking games, broken raps, Pop-monologues, miniatures, chamberwerks, salon songs, an orchestra of shed.

But the best pieces are very fucking good indeed.

“You make sweet milk with your guitar / it’s the way you are / a black-hole star.”


Kid Shirt seconds that.

“Deep within my DNA is space for a missing gene…”

Comes with some really cool drawings and a list of giraffe facts.

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Threads Of Life   2 comments

Possibly as many as ten years ago I received an email from a stranger asking me curtly if I “…still had Threads Of Life, Alco.” I wondered what the person meant for for a minute, but then worked out that they must have been referring to a record that I probably had mentioned on my website. I was in the habit of listing records I had bought as a sort of charity-shop hipster’s version of conspicuous consumption, so the email flicked a switch that eventually turned the light bulb on that hovered above my head and shortly after that the dollar signs appeared in my eyes. At first Google told me nothing, which was kind of a good sign, and then deep in GEMM’s listings I found some dude trying to flog this record for $1403 (funny figure, I know, but worth about half that in sterling at the time). At this point I started to wonder whether I really was in posession of the record myself, but after about ten minutes of sweaty fingering (a favourite hobby of mine) I was holding the 12″ piece of treasure I never knew I had. I had bought it in Sally Ann’s amongst a bunch of other records just on general cover-based instinct. I’m not a proper record collector by any means, although fuck knows I’ve got enough of them, but back then I was a real amateur, as this post plainly shows. Amazingly, the record was in really good nick too. I’ve actually just been in Twitter-correspondence with the always-worth-reading Kid Shirt, who sent me a link to someone selling another copy:

Alco -Threads Of Life – Rare Private Issue Progressive EURO 1350

Alco – Threads Of Life (UK Alco ALC530 – 1972) Ex /Ex+ Stunning condition copy of this incredibly rare private press progressive album. Recorded by the band Alco at University of Surrey Mobile Studio in 1972. A-Side contains a wonderful progressive suite, including sections augumented with the Itchen Orchestra conducted by Jonathan Palmer. B-side is just Alco themselves who are Tim Caesar – keyboards and lead vocals, Paul Fidlin – bass / lead / vocals, Ben Brooke – lead / bass / vocals and Julian Caesar, drums, / synthesizer / vocals. There are some tracks by the Itchen College Barbershop Shoppers at the end. Tracks are
Side A : Threads Of Life Suite (i) When I Was A Child (ii)Rain Upon My Mind (iii) In My Dreams. Side B : (1) Waiting To Be Born (2) Look At The Clouds (3) Hello Love (4) The Chordbuster (5) Carry Me Back To Old Virginny(6) De Animals(7) Humble (8) Bill Grogan’s Goat (9) Ashmolian

Funnily enough this listing contains several words that seem to allude to various Um themes and private mythologies. I used to clean the toilets at The University Of Surrey, for example, so it’s nice to think that the karmic wheel had a done a full 360 with this one. Anyway, I was so freaked out at the thought of the record’s value that I metaphorically hugged the thing close to my body and shooed the guy away who was enquiring about buying it off me, and for all I know he could have had very deep pockets. It seemed a cruel twist of fate that he should alert me to the value of the thing and in doing so place it further from his reach, if you know what I mean. The thing is I’m selling records at the moment, as I literally cannot move for the things both in the sense that my living space is severely restriced by them, and also they would represent such a collossal inconvenience if I ever wanted to get out of my current accommodation that it actually puts me off considering it. Plus I’ve got a lot of stuff that I have no interest in owning due to buying job lots or taking gambles on covers (innit!) or inheriting record collections just because people see you as some kind of record nut (a self-perpetuating myth rather like the harmoniums at Crabapple, where people donated harmoniums because of the harmoniums). And lastly because, although I have been laughably skint my entire adult life, I have never been as potlessly piss-poor as I am at the moment. I’m currently trying to sustain body and soul for myself and 50% of an 8-year old on about 50 quid a week and it ain’t really possible, let me tell you. My JSA hasn’t turned up this week and that’s been just fucking calamitous.

So yeah,

Live rates at 2009.10.25 14:42:58 UTC
1,350.00 EUR = 1,236.99 GBP
Euro United Kingdom Pounds
1 EUR = 0.916288 GBP 1 GBP = 1.09136 EUR

would be extremely welcome, so if you’re reading this let it be known that here at Um we say that IT’S ALL GRIST meaning art and life are one and the same if this post could function as an engine that alchemically transmogrifies my fated chance encounter with the certain Threads Of Life into actual Malcom McLaren-style CASH then I could actually go and buy myself the beer I could do with or pay my son’s dinner money or something.

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 Ages ago I made a list of Um songs. It wasn’t complete but it was probably 80% of the way there…

1.(A Wise Old Queen Once Said To Me) People Are Shits, Darling
2.(An Adolescence Spent Wasted On) Hot Knives & Prog Rock
3.(I Did Nothing But) I Listened (Hideously Distorted Mix)
4.(In Which) I Have A Horrible Dream
5.(On Any) Other Day
7.10:27 (Effects On Bass 2nd Mix)
8.1989 (Tonight I Wanna Party Like It’s)
11.3-Legged Race
12.57 Seconds Of Techno
13.8 Arg. Schizo Magnetics
14.8 People On The Phone
15.A Bad Debt
16.A Bad Time In The Sunshine
17.A Bargain
18.A Boogie Woogie Woogie
19.A Disc Of Flame
20.A Distorted Sense Of Cool
21.A Good Song
22.A Good Song, But A Slow Song
23.A Half-Remembered 70’s Childhood
24.A Lion Family In The Warm Evening Sun
25.A Little Much Apropos Of Nothing
26.A Little Nastiness
27.A Little Ship
28.A Little Westie
29.A Marriage (Made In Arbury)
30.A Matching Pair
31.A Mellow Moment
32.A Middle Class Revenge Tale
33.A Miniature Unhappiness
34.A Nice Day Like This (Fast)
35.A Nice Day Like This (Slow)
36.A Personal Revelation
37.A Quick Little Mulch
38.A Random Approach To Logic (Audio)
39.A Sample (For Later)
40.A Set Of Four Mark E Smiths
41.A Song For Working
42.A Stoned Jam With Some 16 Yr Olds
43.A Stray
44.A Terrible Shame (Bee’s Lament)
45.A Terrible Shame (Bees Lament – Experimental Version)
46.A Tickertape Parade In Your Womb, Baby
47.A Track Which Is Essentially Drums
48.A Walk Thru The Dark
49.A Welcome Rest From Being Normal
50.A Young Person And An Old Person
51.A.W.O.L Soul
53.Acid Nightwear
54.Acid Woman
55.Adrenalin Jazz
57.Agony Of Choice
58.Ain’t Got No Dildos
59.Ain’t Got No Style
61.Albatross Dub
62.Alien Crash Lands In Amazon
63.Alienated Like Pac-Man
64.All My Old Friends
65.All My Old Friends (Distorted Mix)
66.All Of A Sudden (I Shared His Infuriating Optomism)
67.All Of My Troubles Are Holding Me Down
68.All The Lonely Popstars
69.All Tight
71.Almost Like A Dog
72.Always Been The Same
73.Amalgam/Why I Didn’t Join Smegma
74.An Address To God
75.An Apology From The Artiste
76.An Hour (Typsically A Spoon)
77.An Invitation To Sign On (Baby Love)
78.Anarchist Shake
79.And He Never Recovered
80.And Jesus Shrugs His Shoulders
81.And Why Am I (The Techno Sound Of Sore Ribs)
82.Annoyed By Your Conception Of Culture
83.Annoyed By Your Slow Remix
85.Another Song I Don’t Remember Doing
86.Around The Harvest Moon
87.Artificial Disco
88.Artificial Disco (Pre Eq Reverb Mix)
89.As Baroque As The Average Sock
90.As Long As Everyone Is Grooving
91.At Last I Am The Unhappy Fool
92.Autumn Leaves (More Or Less Clean Mix)
93.Autumn Leaves (Severely Distorted Mix)
94.Autumn Leaves (Stupid Echo Mix)
95.Avaricious Micro-Funk
96.Awful, Muddy And Sad
97.B.PVC. S. (Reason To The Feet)
98.Baby Monkeys
99.Baby Pressure
100.Bad Day For Love
101.Bad Day For Love (Don’t Go Out)
102.Bad Trip
103.Bad Trip (Late Start Mix)
104.Badfinger (The Bob Song)
105.Ballad For The King
107.Bass Snippet
108.Beachy Head
109.Beautiful Scottish Chinese Girl
110.Beckett In The 80’s
111.Becoming And Unbecoming
112.Bee Excerpt
114.Being Aware (Cluttered Mix)
115.Being Aware (With Harvey Williams)
116.Bernard The Deserter
117.Better For A Setback
118.Better For A Setback (Fast)
120.Big Tits
121.Billy & The Snoot Monkeys
122.Binky Boo
123.Blair Cake Project
124.Bless My Soul
125.Blip Blop Pop
127.Bloodshot Eyes, Nothing To Say
128.Blue Balls
129.Blues Is Shit
130.Bob’s Hell Disco
131.Bobby’s Peanuts
132.Booze Is Shit
133.Bop Pop
134.Boring Sex Theme (The Inexplicable)
135.Born To Lose (Inst)
136.Bowel Kohl Chickie
137.Brain Cells
138.Brain In The Attic
139.Bread Dogs (Captian Beefheart’s Sarcophagus Continues On Its Astral Journey)
140.Breakbeat Nation
141.Brighton Rock
142.Brighton Rock (Remix)
144.British Meat Glows In The Dark
145.Broken Bottles (Shine A Light In The Night)
146.Bullshit Trespass
147.Bullshit Tresspass (Over Silence)
148.Burning Up Fuck All
149.Business Park
150.C’mon Doctor
151.Caked Kuntz!!
152.Camptown Races
153.Can You Feel It?!
154.Can’t Get Started
157.Career Guidance
161.Changing Gears (Fucked-Up Tape Mix)
162.Characters (Fast)
163.Characters (Normal)
165.Charmless Dub
166.Cheeky Dog (Pete ‘N’ Ed Drunk)
168.Chef’s Arse
170.Chris De Burgh Joins The Newmarket Public Library
172.Christmas ’75
173.Chrome Vagina (It’s Bad It’s Bad)
174.Cipher Dub
175.Circumstance (Random Noise Generator)
176.Clap Trap
178.Clean People (Of All Things)
179.Clever Clogs
181.Cling (First Mix)
182.Cokane (Rock/We Don’t Stop
183.Cold Forgotten
184.Cold Turkey
185.Combed My Head
186.Come To Bed
187.Come To Bed (DSE Mix)
188.Coming On Weak
189.Coming Up
190.Coming Up (Slower)
191.Commitment (The Song That Doesn’t Work)
192.Common Law Funk
193.Common Law Funk At Speed
194.Communication Breakdown
196.Computers Are Great
197.Confused Thing
198.Confuzed Society
199.Cool Little Torture
200.Co-Op 747
201.Crack Song
202.Crappy DAT Format
204.Crush Munkies
207.Cumine’s Patience
209.Curse The Lazy Air
212.Dallas Boner Remix
214.Das Monkeys
215.Days Of Our Lives
216.Daytime Television
217.Daytime Television (Fucked Up Files Mix)
218.Dead Dog On The Motorway
219.Death In Eastbourne
220.Death Song
221.Death Star
222.Death To False Plastic
223.Decadence & Puke
225.Decimate Me Faster!
226.Decreasing Returns
227.Depressed (Grinding Bastards Mix)
228.Depresseder Than Lou Reed
229.Der Systemm
230.Desert Droid
231.Desperate Days
232.Devils’ Claw (Pop: 15070)
233.Did I Ever Tell You
234.Die Softly And Wait
236.Disco Cunts Are Go!
237.Discretion Of The Judge
240.Do All Cats Go To Heaven When They Die?
241.Do What I Do Dub (NYE)
242.Do You Know What Evil Is?
243.Does The Sperm Know Fear In The Testes Sac (As The Mother And Father Make Love)?
244.Dog’s Song For Himself
245.Dogmonkey Fast
246.Dogs Muck
247.Dogs Speak English
248.Doing The Nasty In The Churchyard
250.Dole Brother
252.Don’t Answer The Phone
253.Don’t Be Cruel
254.Don’t Get Pissed
255.Donkey Rock!
257.Down In Our Mouths
258.Downhill/Beachy Head (Version)
260.Dream City (Vocals, No Vocals Mix)
261.Drifting Off The Edge Of The Map
263.Drugged Down Into The Mad
264.Drum & Bass
265.Drunken Shame
266.Dutch MTV Starwoman
267.East Anglia (Nosing With Their Tiny Little Teeth)
268.Easy Opportunity For Hostility To Arise
269.Eat The Fickle
271.Education (1st Mix)
272.Education (29 Minute Cosmic Mix)
273.Education (Ambient Trains Mix)
274.Education (Be Happy Mix)
275.Education (Mic Out The Window Mix)
276.Egyptians Laughing At You
277.Electric Child Of Suffolk (Ricky Howlett Birthday Song)
278.Electronic Healing (Following Cycle Accident)
281.Endless Pain
284.Every Night Ends Like This
285.Everybody’s Out To Get Me
286.Everything Is Fixed
287.Eveyones’s Got A Bit Of Latin In Them
289.Extreme Noise Narge
291.F.D.M. Time To Get A Job (Remix)
292.Face Of A Degenerate
294.Faffing ‘Cos You’re Heartbroken
295.Failure And How It Made Me
296.Failure, Depression, Madness (Time To Get A Job Unending Mix)
297.Family Of Noiz
298.Fancy Lady
300.Fast Little Train On Acid
301.Fat Fucking Freaks
302.Fear Jazz
303.Fen Bennie
304.Fiddley Ned
306.Fiesta! (Distorted Mix)
307.Fiesta! (Fast Instrumental)
308.Fiesta! (Instrumental)
309.Fiesta! (Slow Instrumental)
310.Fiesta! (V. Slow Echo Mix)
311.Filipino Whore
312.Flaps Receiving Action
313.Flipping Hell
314.Flipping Hell (Hideous Nihilist Version)
315.For All The Singers
316.For The Wilderness (20 Days & 20 Nights)
319.Forever An Amateur
321.Freedom 2b Free
322.Frog (Acceptable Mix)
323.Frog (Fast Tiger-Coaxing Stupidity Version)
324.Frog (Instrumental)
325.Frogs In A French Kitchen
326.Frozen Electronics
327.Fuck Me Johnny
328.Fuck On
329.Fuck Up
330.Funk Rat 1
331.Funny Time
332.Futility Rocks
333.Gary Doesn’t Live Here Any More
335.Generic Breakbeat Stoner Music
338.Get A Life
339.Ghost In The Machine
340.Ghost Pulse
341.Giant Killing
342.Give Me My Moment
343.Give The English More Violence
346.God Bless The Unemployed
347.God Song
349.Good Grief
351.Goodnight Sweetheart
354.Grey Lady Ice
355.Grown Up Wrong
356.Guess My Sex (Hip Whore)
357.Guitar Solo Expt.
358.Half Hour (I Wish I Went To Art School)
359.Half-Cut Aquabots
360.Hands In My Pockets
361.Happiness Is Sacred
362.Happy Families
363.Happy IT Professionals
364.Hard Drive (Crash Mix)
365.Hard Drive (Sweep Mix)
366.Hard Drive (Victory Mix)
367.Hard On In Lancey Street
369.Hardcore! (Chuckle Mix)
370.Harry Munny
371.Harry Munny Remix
372.Hate Week
373.Have You Ever Been Lonely?
374.Have You Ever Been Lonely? (Small Mix)
375.He May Be Dead But He’s Fast
376.Heavy Metal?
378.Hell Is Closed
379.Help! Let It Be Whole!
380.Hendrix At Home
381.Hendrix At Home (Uncut Vocals Mix)
382.Her Sass
383.Here Come The Cunty Boys
384.Here I Am
388.Hey You
390.His Dream Restaurant
391.His Infuriating Optimism
392.Hold Your Course
393.Holy Fire
396.Hostile Possibilities Remix Compressed
397.Hostile Possibilities Remix Slow
398.Hot And Sad
400.How Can I Work When The Phone Keeps Ringing?
401.How Flying Machines Have Changed Man’s Perspective Forever
402.How I Almost Bust My Microphone
403.How It Goes
406.Human Biology
407.Hungover Mistake
408.Hut Alarm
409.Hut Alarm (Gated Reverb Mix)
410.Hyperspeed Nutters Go Mental
411.I Am A Teenager
412.I Am Always Here (1st Mix)
413.I Am Always Here (Second Dumb Mix)
414.I Am In Love With Myself
415.I Can’t Even Begin
416.I Can’t Speak The Language Of Myself
417.I Don’t Hate You For Your Nastiness
418.I Don’t Know My Name
419.I Don’t Know My Name (Fast)
420.I Don’t Know My Name (Slow)
421.I Don’t Live Today
422.I Don’t Need It As Long As I Can See It
423.I Don’t Want To Be “Good”
424.I Get This Urge To Leave
425.I Love Jazz
426.I Love Little Moles
427.I Love You (But That’s Not Why I’m Singing This Song)
428.I Love You In Any Language (Late Night Desperation)
429.I Make Weird Music
430.I May Yet Live
431.I Must Remember That Last Time Is Going To Be The Last Time
432.I Need A Special One
433.I Only Want To Do My Style
434.I Ran Out Of Fuel
435.I Really Ought To Take Myself In Hand
436.I Want To Wear My New Shoes In Bed
437.I Was Too Caned To Talk To Your Mum
438.I Wish I Had New Ears
439.I Wish That Wolves Still Roamed
440.I’m A Hard Man
441.I’m A Loser
442.I’m Bored Of This Party
443.I’m Bored Of This Party (Instrumental)
444.I’m Crazy
445.I’m Far Too Cool To Work
446.I’m Like You
447.I’m Not OK (Fast)
448.I’m Not Ok (Slow)
449.I’m The Son Of
450.I’m The Son Of (Fast)
451.I’m Too Short (The Truth Will Stay In Tonight)
452.I’m Very Depressed
453.I’ve Lost My Faith (Rock ‘N’ Roll Is Boring)
454.If It Gets Any Worse Then Just Stop
455.If They Think They Have Me Beat
456.If They Think They Have Me Beat (Slow)
457.If You Knew Where You Were
458.Impington (A Call From Art)
459.Improptu Weirdness
460.Improvisation For A Friend
461.In The Doghouse
462.In The Summertime In England
463.Incidental Bins
465.Inevitable Drinking Scenarios
466.Inn Sign Swing
468.Insect Bordello
469.Interrupted Cleverness
470.Interrupted Dead Fish
473.Is Your Cock Happy Now Sir?
475.It Doesn’t Take A Man To Understand
476.It Is Me (Distortion Mix)
477.It Used To Be Better (Me Old Boys)
478.It’s A Beautiful Noise
479.It’s A Funny Time
480.It’s Not Too Late For Me To Go
481.It’s Time To Get A Job
482.Je Ne Sais Quoi
483.Jesus & The Germans
484.Jesus Was A Pro
485.Jesus’ Blood (Glockenspiel Mix)
486.Jesus’ Blood (Truly, Madly, Deeply Unhappy)
488.Jobseeker (Daft Cunt)
490.Journey To The Moon
491.Jungle James
492.Just Like Kurt
493.Just When You Think You’re Getting Somewhere
495.Kawai Rain Temple
497.Killer Sound
498.Know Thine Enemy
499.Kold Sun
500.Kool Star (Hidden Vocal Mix)
501.Kool Star (Phone Mix)
502.Kool Star (Vocals Mix)
504.L.S.D Know The Score
505.La La Larry
506.La Niz Track
507.La Pissyfreak
508.Ladies (Kill Yourself Music)
509.Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Driving Through London/Please Look At The Job Boards
510.Ladies Dub
511.Lancey Street
512.Lancey Street Remix
514.Landfish (Pristine Mix)
515.Large Mexican Aliens (Slow)
517.Last Second Of The Year (Fast)
518.Last Song I Ever Did In Cubase
519.Lay Down, Lay Down
520.Le Misery
521.Leader With The Wrong Chains On
522.Leaf Green, Cliff Richard, Friendly Ladies
523.Leak (What Hath God…)
526.Less Is More
527.Let Michael Enter
528.Let’s Crack On
529.Let’s Drown
530.Let’s Get To Business
532.Life Is A Laugh (Short & Proper Mix)
533.Life Is A Laugh (Slow Mix)
534.Life Is Short, Life Is Long
535.Life’s For Living, Death’s For Being Dead
538.Little Ant
539.Little Fark
540.Little Jonah
541.Little Secrets In Reverse
542.Live A Little
543.Live Without Yr Dreams
544.Livin’ In The City
545.Living Each Day At A Time (Edit)
546.Living In A New Place Is Impossible
547.Living Well And Good
548.Local Boy
549.Long Drone From Nowhere
550.Looking At The Future (Corporate Dictatorship)
551.Love A’ Gonna Do It
552.Love Can Do It To You
553.Love Is A System (Delicious Mix)
554.Love Is Everywhere (Except In My Head)
555.Love Is Like An Angel (Eyore Mix)
556.Love Is Like An Angel (Passing Over All These Evil Energies I Have)
558.Lucky Star
559.Lucy Waits, And She Don’t Care
561.Magick Boots
562.Mahavishnu Phil Fisher
563.Make It
564.Male And Female Guitar
565.Male Thought Process
566.Malfunction (On Alcohol)
567.Mating (Slack Occasion)
568.Maytime (Slow Pointless Mix)
569.Me And Barkly On The Roof Of The JCB
570.Me And You
571.Mice Livin’ In The City
572.Mice Pleasures
575.Millenium Daftness
576.Minimal Skirt
577.MOMmed Live A Little
578.MOMmed The Crasher
579.Money In My Shoes
580.Monkey Tree/UTC Peacekeeper
582.Moonflesh/Family Of Noiz
583.Mother O
584.Mother O (Second Mix)
585.Mouse Out-Take
586.Mrs. Bovary
587.Mulch Song
588.Mulch Song 2 (You)
590.Mushrooms, Alcohol, Reverb
591.Music For Adverts
592.Music For One Cd Player (Trussed Yaks)
593.Music For Pleasure
594.Must Have Met My Love (Fucked-Up Mix)
595.My Beautiful Liver
596.My Beautiful Slow Caking Liver
597.My Ever-Changing Moods
598.My Glorious Unhappiness
599.My Greek Ballet Guinea-Pig
600.My Lords, Ladies And Men
601.My Love Is Such A Waste Of Time
602.My Mind Must Shine
603.My Moth Is A Mouth
604.My Moth Is A Mouth (Fast)
605.My Mother’s Boyfriend’s 4-Track (Making Noise Quietly)
606.My Muse Done Left Me And I Don’t Give A Fuck
607.My Name Is Monkey
608.My Quicked-Up Liver
609.My Treasured Sense Of Failure
610.Mystery Hard-Disk Drone
611.Naïve Techno
612.Nasty Drunk Welsh Wales
613.Nausea (Fiesta! Version)
614.Needlenose (Untamed Mix)
615.Neptune’s Chains
616.Never Work (Unless You Have To)
617.New Hat
618.New Year’s Eve Epic
619.Newspaper (My Heart Feels Like A Pair Of Shoes)
620.Nice Chains
621.Night Of The Living Dead Breakdancers
622.Nine Inch Snails
623.Nippy Slayer
624.Nippy Slayer
625.No Matter What You Tell Me
626.No Really, I’m Fine
627.No Stylophone Mother
629.Now That’s What I Call Hardcore
630.Number Two
632.O My Spanish Love (Fast)
633.O My Spanish Love (Normal)
634.O My Spanish Love!
635.Oh Angela
636.Oh My Goodness
637.Oh Woe
638.Oh Yeah
639.Oh Yup Yup
640.Old Man Looking At A Fat Girl’s Legs
641.One More Song
642.One More Song 2
643.One-Two Fuck-You
644.Oscar Little Train
645.Our Beleaguered Royal Family
646.Our Dog Is Dead (Show Me The Range Rover)
647.Our Perfect Moment
648.Our Price
649.Outward Journeys (Curteiled Edit)
651.P.G Theme (Shite)
652.Paddling In Shallow Disaster
653.Pangs (Pastorale 4)
654.Panic Attack
656.Paperman At Play
657.Paperman Fast
658.Paranormal Wales
659.Party Music
661.People Call It Dope
662.People Call It Dope (Fast)
663.People Don’t Listen To Your Lyrics
664.People Need Metal
665.Perhaps I Should Be…
666.Persecution Complex
668.Pete ‘N’ Rob Remixed (Jones Fuckup)
669.Peter Gregory Theme
670.Peter Gregory: Rock Warrior
671.Peter Pop And Rob G Jamming Like The Rock Dogs They Are
672.Pick It Up Peter
673.Pigs By Me
675.Pioneer (Long Stupid Mix)
676.Pioneer (Long, Fucked-Up Mix)
677.Pioneer (Stereo Spread Mix)
678.Pissabout One
679.Pissed-Up Regret Song
680.Pissyfreak Pitched
681.Pitchee Little Train
682.Pixellated Idle Days
683.Plaster Saint (If I Was Midge Ure)
684.Plooty (Molepolole)
685.Plucky Little Train
686.Plucky Train (Sad Day)
687.Pointless Interlude
688.Pop Music
689.Pop Music (Why Am I Here)?
690.Posse In A Fat Man
693.Practical Attitude Adjustment Plan
694.Pressure On My Precious
699.Pussface/Mortal Jim Reeves
701.Put Together
702.Pvc Song For The Ex’s New Son
703.Pygmy Song
704.Quck Simple Song
707.Radio Inactivity
708.Radio Intro – When It Comes To Art
710.Rake Dub
711.Rat Race In Reverse
713.Ratfunk 2
714.Real Drill & Bass (Bass Unavailable)
715.Real Drill (And Bass)
717.Red Dog Dodger
719.Regarding Sex
721.Repetition (Ain’t All Its Cracked Up To Be)
722.Rich Got Scabies
723.Richard Brown
725.Rinsed (2nd Mix)
726.Rock It (180 BPM Mix)
727.Rock It (Pointless Ambient Mix)
728.Rock Me Like A Bag
730.Rub You In The Dirt
731.Run To Remember
732.Run To Remember/Last Time The Last Time
733.Sad Robots (Quick, I’m Off Down The Pub Mix)
736.Saner Comma Cain
737.Satanic Interlude
738.Save The Last Dance For Me
739.Sayonara (Don’t Belong To You)
740.Scaler Twolast – Veins (Jagging)
744.Sea Shanty
745.Secrets In Reverse
746.See The Monkey Get Hurt
747.See The Monkey Get Hurt (Full On Mix)
748.Seeing Her Off
749.Sell-Out Beats
750.September Song
751.Servile Civis
752.Shallow Reports
753.Shame Theme
754.Shared House
755.Shared House Mix
756.She Made Dent A Dying Doctor
757.Shit At Sport
758.Shit Happens
760.Shrunk Planet
761.Shut My Face (Endless Mix)
762.Shut My Face (Truncated Mix)
763.Sick And Ill And Feverish
764.Silly Popstar Wanker
767.Simmer (Final Long Ambient Mix)
768.Simmer (First Mix)
769.Simple Pleasures
771.Sin (2nd Mix – Some Vocals, Some Bass Distorted)
772.Sin I’m In
773.Singalonga Blood Corpuscle
774.Singers Are Wankers
775.Sinister Beatbox
776.Sink, Dive, Freeze
777.Sinster Miniature
778.Skag Monkeys
781.Sketches Of Pain
782.Skuffo Geig
784.Slow Donkey Element
785.Slow Monkeys
786.Slow Secrets In Reverse
787.Sluggish Blood
788.Small Mexican Aliens (Fast)
793.So Many Things (I Would Have Done)
794.So Pained
795.So They Administered Drugs To Control His State Of Mind
796.So We’ll Go No More A’ Roving
799.Some Kind Of Weird Funk
800.Some Music, Basically
801.Some Scrapie Crash Thing
802.Someone Left The Machines On
803.Son Of A Gun
804.Song For Robert (Not Rob G)
805.Song For The Ex’s New Baby (Normal)
806.Soon I Promise
807.Sorrow For One Who Did Not Give A Shit
808.Sorry About Last Night
809.Soul In My Pocket
810.Soul Shoes
811.Sound Memory
812.Soviet Mofos
813.Spanish Richard
814.Spare Love Song (Baby Song)
815.Spasm Chasm
816.Spee (Fast)
817.Spee (Normal)
819.Spiders Inside Us
820.Spinning Thru Yr Mind
822.Spoilsport Sam
823.Spready Reggae (We Start Alone)
825.Squibbler/The Bee Is Me
827.St. John’s Techno
829.Standard Dictionary Of Sadness
830.Stardom Is My Birthright
831.Staring Into Thin Air
833.Stay Hungry (Initail Mix)
834.Stay On Grey
835.Still (All My Addresses)
836.Still Trying To Be More Like People Like Us
837.Stoopid Song
838.Stop Pissing Around (Fast)
839.Stop Pissing Around (Slow)
840.Strange Line
841.Stress Is Fun
842.Stuck In A Cool Scene
843.Stupid, Stupid Love
844.Styx Rowboat Song
845.Subliminal Um Mantra
846.Suffering (Blank, Hating, Moonstruck)
847.Supernatural Crash
849.Sweet Empress
850.Take Your Mind Off
851.Ted Turner Vs. Jane Fonda
852.Telling Lies To The Monkey Inspector
853.Temple Gongs
854.The 9 To 5
855.The Amnion
856.The Amusements
857.The Angel Of Darkness
858.The Association Of Old Women From The North Of England
859.The Atomic Bomb
860.The Beans Of Production
861.The Bedpan
862.The Bee Is Him (My Brother)
863.The Bender
864.The Benefit Of The People (Click Mix)
865.The Biological Brothers
866.The Bodies Were Found At The Cocacabana
867.The Bugger
868.The Bumpy Road
869.The Bumpy Road (2nd Mix)
870.The City Doesn’t Care If You’re Falling Asleep
871.The Clanker
872.The Complete Journeys Of Jonah
873.The Crasher
874.The Devil Laughs To See Me Mope About
875.The Discretion Of The Judge Will Remain
876.The Drunken Sound Of A Funky Man
877.The Durham Ox (2nd Mix – More Drums)
878.The Eclipse
879.The Elephant Of Sadness
880.The End
881.The End Of A Relationship And The Beginning Of A Nervous Breakdown
882.The Enormous Invisble Sound System
883.The Exceptionally Fast Bob
884.The First Great Crap Song
885.The Garden Is An Absolute Jungle
886.The German People
887.The Glamorous Life Of An Alcoholic
888.The Gregory Singers
889.The Hilton Fuck-Up
890.The Holes
891.The Host
892.The House Is Shit And Cold Pts 1 & 2
893.The Human Species
894.The Hungover Monkey
895.The Inevitable
896.The Last Second Of The Year
897.The Last Song I Ever Did In Cubase
898.The Last Thing The World Needs Is Another DJ
899.The Last Thing The World Needs Is Another DJ (Bad Mix Mix)
900.The Last Thing You Need Is A Good Plan
901.The Little Monkeys Were So Sure
902.The Mad Scientist (Who Invented White People)
903.The Messenger
904.The Mighty Remix
905.The Mighty Suburbs
906.The Miner’s Strike
907.The Mistaken
908.The Monkeys Were So Sure
909.The Moron’s Tragedy
910.The Most Incredible Sound I’ll Ever See (Jazzing With My Mind)
911.The Mouse Song
912.The Musician
913.The Mysterious Urinator
914.The Mysterious Urinator/I Don’t Know My Name (Fast)
915.The Neurotic
916.The Nobility In Narcotics
917.The Obvious Disease
918.The Obvious Disease In Dub
919.The Only Way Is Up
920.The Package
921.The Passion Of Richard Rippin (Here We Are Again)
922.The Path That Runs Through My Head Leads To The Dole Office
923.The Pianoman
924.The Proof Is In The Bullshit
925.The Punisher
926.The Refined Fuckwit
927.The Relentlessness
928.The Reply
929.The Restaurant Of His Nightmares
930.The Same Cause
931.The Scientists
932.The Sludgers Encounter A Problem
933.The Smits
934.The Sneak
935.The Solace Afforded By A Comfortless Place
936.The Sound Of The Machines That We Use To Make Our Music
937.The Sound Of Weasels
938.The Stroker
939.The Stroker (Oscar Version)
940.The Swelling Of Confusion
941.The Techno Sound Of Sore Ribs
942.The Terrible Dogmonkey
943.The Torment Of St. Pete (Basic Mix)
944.The Trouble With Having A Dream
945.The U.K Marketplace
946.The Voyeur
947.The Way America Was Born And The Way It Was Meant To Be
948.The Willow Animal & Its Origins
949.The Word Is Out (Finnish Forest
950.Theme For A Fool
951.Theme For A Fucked-Up State Of Mind
952.Theme For A Skateboard Accident
953.Theme For A Small Japanese Electronic Device
954.Theme For A Young Black Alien Christ
955.Theme For Something That Happened Rather Too Quickly
956.There Goes My Pop Career
957.There Is No Excuse In A World Grown Sick Of Excuses
958.There’s A Book On Contemporary Art I Never Read
959.Never Read
960.These Days Mulch
961.They’ve Got The Guns, We’ve Got The Drugs
962.This Dreadful Life
963.This Is How I Feel
964.This Is The Remix They Also Used To Funk To
965.This Is The Sound Of Me Slowly Becoming An Artist In Mor
966.This Is The Sound They Used To Funk To
967.This Is The Way We Do It
968.This Is Wrong
969.This Morning (And Every Other Fucking Morning)
970.This Will Sort Out The Boys Who Like This Sort Of Thing From The Other Boys
971.Those Days
972.Throwing Sevens
973.Tickling The Anus (Scenarios)
974.Till The Break Of Dawn (Fast)
975.Till The Break Of Dawn (Normal)
976.Time Has Ended, That’s It (Short Mix)
977.Time Laspse Leeds At Night
978.Tin Can Jams
979.To Attack Or To Decay, That Is The Question
980.To Have Push
981.To Shape My Life
982.To Shape My Life (Final Mix)
983.To Try And Make It Alright
984.Toby Mills Birthday Song
985.Toby’s Loop
986.Tony Blair
987.Too English (Friday 13th)
988.Too Much Of A Shit Thing
989.Tortoise Race
991.Trash My Hate
993.Tricky Type
994.Trying To Be More Like People Like Us
995.Turned Against Oneself
996.Turned Against Oneself (The Inexplicable)
997.Twice Shy
999.Two Hearts In Stereo
1000.Two Songs That Got Mixed Up
1001.Uh…What’s That?
1002.Um Intro Tune
1003.Um Mania
1004.Um Mania Turns Nasty
1005.Um Manifesto
1006.Under The Tundra
1007.Under Water (Underwater Mix)
1008.Underwater (Sir Nose Mix)
1009.Underwater 2
1010.Unemployment Rock
1012.Uninterrupted Dead Fish
1014.Untitled (Sear)
1016.Very Bad Karma
1017.Very Drunk, Tired, & Melancholic
1018.Vexation In The Sludge
1021.Walter Bison, Terry Biscuits
1022.Walter Bison, Terry Biscuits (90 Seconds Version)
1023.Walter Bison, Terry Biscuits (Fast)
1024.Want It
1025.Washington (A New Little Mulching)
1027.We All Stuck Together In The War
1028.We Are Mice
1029.We Are The Fuckers
1030.We Are The Ones
1031.We’re Gonna Have A Real Cool Time Tonight
1032.We’re Gonna Have A Real Cool Time Tonight (Fast)
1033.We’re Gonna Have A Real Cool Time Tonight (Slow)
1034.Welcome Children
1035.Welsh Wales
1036.What Am I Supposed To Do?
1037.What Is Art, After All?
1038.What? (Shit Instrumental Mix)
1039.What’s The Point?
1040.When Your Teeth Stop Grinding And It’s 7AM
1041.Where Am I
1042.Where Did You Sleep Last Night
1043.Where Did Your Youth Go (Andy Matthew’s Birthday Song)
1044.Where Does Religion Come From?
1045.Where Is My Motivation
1046.Where Is The Proof That I Am Not Mad
1047.Who Can Kool My Head?
1048.Who Puts The Nastiness In People?
1049.Why Are We Living (In A World So Cruel)?
1050.Why Does Your Mother Cry?
1051.Why I Hate The Theatre
1052.Why My Art Will Forever Remain Untainted By Economic Considerations
1054.Wilderness In Reverse
1056.Windhoek (Everyone’s A Fool Mix)
1058.Women’s Knows
1059.Work (Tweaked Mix)
1060.Work Makes You Free
1061.Working And Not Working
1062.Working At Home
1063.World War One
1064.Worm Brain (Rob Gregory B. 1981)
1065.Worse For Wear On New Year’s Eve
1067.Wunder Why
1068.Ya Buzzer
1069.Ya Want Some?
1070.Ya Want Some? (Dumb Reversed Version)
1072.Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
1073.You Are Stuck Inside Yourself
1074.You Have To Learn How To Act
1075.You Were Not The One That We Called Real
1076.You Will Like Me (Crawling Death Dub Mix)
1077.You Will Like Me (Nippy Ska Version)
1078.You Will Like Me (Nippy Version)
1079.You Will Like Me (Space Dub Version)
1080.You Will Never Let Me Fall
1081.You Will Never Let Me Fall (Slow)
1082.You’re Dead And I Feel Like Paul Mccartney
1083.Your Feelings Are Your Clothes
1084.Your Morning Has Come
1085.Yow Dow Da Da
1086.Yr Indie-Mom (With Badger Mayhem)

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3 cool things.   1 comment

First off, the marvellous Russell Taysom has made good on a promise and done one of his joyously dark illustrations of me, here seen feasting on the head of Man From Uranus. To me he’s captured Phil rather better than he has me but then it’s hard to judge a likeness of oneself (perhaps indicative of the distance between subjective and objective realities with regards to ourselves) and as I can’t deny the formless hair and the lines around the eyes and as Syd seemed to think it was pretty obviously me I am overall very chuffed to be the latest to be granted this honour. Besides, as Russell pointed out, Phil is instantly recognizable by his blue skin.


The next cool thing is that I received a copy of the latest album by the Flower-Corsano Duo, which has a nice big Pete Um credit on the back simply because I was pointing my camera towards the stage at The Portland one night. In fact The Doozer did as much as me with helping out with that one. Anyway, big fan of all things Corsano so it feels like a really cool thing to me.


And talking of fandom, it seems my online big-up of unique hip-hop legend Sensational, you know, this one:

might find its way in part into a documentary about the man. I am fucking chuffed about this, no two ways about it.