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All titles are on CD unless otherwise stated, and all are self-released CD-Rs with no label association unless otherwise stated.

  • Bad Mood Music (cassette, 1996-ish)
  • General Purpose (cassette, 1996-ish)
  • Blank (cassette, 1996-ish)
  • Autumn Clearout (cassette, 1997-ish)
  • UM In Dub (circa 1998)
  • General Purpose (circa 1998)
  • Autumn Clearout Vol 1 (circa 1998)
  • Autumn Clearout Vol 2 (circa 1998)
  • An Audio Obstacle Course (circa 1998)
  • Um for Middle Class (Middle Class Records) (2001?)
  • Pete Gregory At Home With His Bad Self (Burning Shed) (2001)
  • Energy Giant (2002)
  • A Small-Scale Operation (2002)
  • Character Is Destiny (2002)
  • Grievous UM (2002)
  • Um For Charity (circa 2003)
  • Um For Science (circa 2003)
  • Horrendous Mental Confliction (circa 2003)
  • Ummerz (circa 2003)
  • Jerry At The Beach (circa 2003)
  • Shum (circa 2003)
  • Crap Stuff Vol 1 (circa 2003)
  • Crap Stuff Vol 2 (circa 2003)
  • The New Album (circa 2003)
  • The Old Album (circa 2004)
  • Giraffe (2004)
  • Giraffe Outtakes (2004)
  • Africa Is A Fridge 7″ vinyl EP (Strange Lights Records) (2004)
  • Giraffe Refined/Fatty Parts For A Good Match 12″ split picture disc w/ Ascoltare (Tripel Records) (2006?)
  • Bumskipper 1 (3″ CD-R)
  • Bumskipper 2 (3″ CD-R)
  • Bumskipper 3 (3″ CD-R)
  • Bumskipper 4 (3″ CD-R)
  • Bumskipper 5 (3″ CD-R)
  • Bumskipper 6 (3″ CD-R)
  • Bumskipper 7 (3″ CD-R)
  • Bumskipper 8 (3″ CD-R)
  • Bumskipper 9 (3″ CD-R)
  • Bumskipper 10 (3″ CD-R)
  • Bumskipper 11 (3″ CD-R)

(all Bumskippers 2005, I think, or maybe some in 2006)

No Pressure. 12″ LP on Gagarin Records 2008 GR2018

Spring Tapes 2007 MC Grist 0001 2009

The Path Of Least Resistance CD-R Grist 0002

Godelmingum & Gyldeforda Pt 1 3″ CD-R Grist 0003 2010
Godelmingum & Gyldeforda Pt 2 3″ CD-R Grist 0004 2010

Split (random multicoloured) 7″ single w/ Miss Hawaii. Evil, That’s Too Close/Oyasumi HomeRec 2010

Can’t Get Started 10″ Mini-LP Grist 0005 2011

The New Album 12″ vinyl limted edition (100 copies) reissue LP Grist 0006 2012

Babysitting The Apocalypse 12″ vinyl limted edition (100 copies) LP Grist0008 2012

CAA#8 Two 7.5″ polycarbonate squares 188x188mm with lathe cut. Cutted on american vintage lathe from 50s using soviet tube amp. Silk-screened antistatic sleeves with handwriting. Numbered. Playable on any turntable. Monaural.

Giraffe 12″ vinyl limited edition (250 copies) reissue LP Grist 0009 2013

Note: Grist0007 is a 4-track 7″ single by my brother’s old punk band Moustash, which has been mastered and taken to test pressing stage, but awaits artwork and Bobby generally pulling his finger out.

Some appearances on compilations that I can’t give full details of:
The Projector Records comp “We Are Stupid” vinyl LP features an edited version of “New Leaves” from The New Album.
The Fruit Machine CD comp organised by Joe Murphy of London-based promoters Blang! features “A Last Blast” & “When Yr 10” from Giraffe.
A CD promoting the London venue The Spitz features a live version of “Africa Is A Fridge
A CD given away with the Dutch magazine Kanaal features some Um tracks including “The Guru Let Me Down“.
A free CD with the fanzine Robots & Electronic Brains has some Um tracks on it “My Private Ridicule“, maybe?

There’s a few more things floating about in small numbers too…

As of about now (December 2012) I’ve decided to try and concentrate on making vinyl records primarily, with maybe a few other oddities in other formats interspersed if I can get it together. Please check the Bandcamp page for availability or feel free to haggle with me direct or whatever. I still have a few Bumskippers on CD-R & might be pushed to make more if there’s a specific title you are after, but in the long-term I’m trying to reissue everything on vinyl, however unrealistic that is.

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