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I’m going to put written stuff that isn’t blog posts here. It might be stuff from old notebooks that I can just about live with, or just random concepts or ideas for songs or quotes from here or there or whatever the fuck I like, really.


Americans have great names – people of such diverse origins. A blueprint for the future, where people will be called things like Wacko Sphinx, and so on.

You couldn’t find Joe Louis in a bowl of rice.

First love. First blood.

You can’t hate a person for making you hate them. No-one is to blame.

Tree Sargeant

Lost Face

It’s not that I wish that I hadn’t got caned. I’d rather be scared than unsatisfied, but why does it have to be like this?

Time ticks like a clock. Well it would.

I’m a sitting duck for circumstance. Life could just pick me off.

Fear is useful for looking dangerous.

Childlike and childless.

I’m a Greek God
And I’m a Greek dog
And she sleeps at the drop of a hat like a log.

Shyness is so arrogant
she said and smiled at me
and then she grabbed my hand
and said there’s people you should meet
she was always saying things
and they were always right
I need imaginary women
fighting on my side

Sociology teaches you how unfair life is.
Philosophy teaches you how pointless.

I’m gonna retire
buy a yacht
call her the Rosa Luxemburg
wear powder-blue lightweight golf jackets
and moan about everything.

I’ll suck media cock
show me the media trousers
I’ll drop to the floor like a rock
‘n start to try and arouse yer.

Off you fuck.

And now the news for the ill-informed.

Menzies the Merciless.

Woke up this morning…
the delicatessen was closed.

I’ll tell you about dope and alcohol.
I stayed in to tape John Peel.
I forgot to tape John Peel.
I taped myself
and forgot to turn it off.
I taped myself asleep.

Her eyebrows fluttered
like a moth against my forehead
and twenty minutes earlier
I’d wished that i was dead.
I wasn’t reinstated
at The Church Of Happy Shoppers
but I made a brief connection
with something outside my head.

I’m a berk and a joke
and a jerk.
I’m a bloke.
I’m a twerp and a shit
and a twat and a twit.

Living in the Twentieth Century
Ain’t got much time to go
trying to come to terms
with what the people think
when most of them don’t know.

A debt-defying leap.

Peter’s thriving on chaos
and Geraldine’s washing her hair.

The other band were reassuringly shit.

Moth on my ceiling

lamp by my face

I lie in my shorts

on my bed, in disgrace

I’m out of the picture

I’m out of the game

but tmorrow I’ll have to

play it again.

Eating custard creams at 3AM

feeling strung-out as a lit candle

sucking on remorse then at 10AM

for I want no more to ramble.

Posted February 14, 2008 by peteum2013

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