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The Curse Of The Face Of The Mask Of Hanson etc   3 comments

One day I will figure out how to insert photos into text in WordPress so as to form words+picture narrative but whatever version I’m using makes it spectacularly difficult. Perhaps I will try elsewhere where it is comparatively simple and user-intuitive but until then…

Here’s some mildly weird synchronicity wedded to trademark occasional haplessness.

I follow the work of Aaron Dilloway, so recently I bought one of these from Hanson Records, which is Dilloway’s label.
So far, so credible, but here’s a picture of me wearing it if you don’t believe me.
Anyway, several times a week my tired legs and work-addled brain are cycling past a cement works called Hanson, so one evening it occurs to me to take a small phone movie of this big cement mixer (emblazoned with HANSON) grinding away with a view to sending it to noise-auteur Dilloway. His aesthetic seems charaterised by a pared-down, ears-first zen-modesty even when he’s at his gnarliest so I’m assuming he wouldn’t be that fussed by the gimmicky “duh, it’s the same word!” stoopidness of this gesture but the concept got snarled up in my compulsiveness and besides people are always sending me stuff that says UM from hither and thither so fuckit.
Alas, as soon as I trained my camera on the mixer a dude jumped in the cab and switched off the engine and spoiled my dubious geolexical juxtapostion joys. I self-consciously took a photo of myself standing in front of the works sign and cycled off, thinking I might have better luck on another day.
A week or so passes and, craving closure I decide to have another shot at it. As I’m cycling up to the place along the scuzzy verge I am slightly unnerved to see this object lying half-hidden in the motorway-detritus-strewn grass (and not on my table, as it is in the shot).
So, I pick it up, really hoping it didn’t have anything to do with any local rapes or anything, and take a few more shots of me standing again in front of the sign, only feeling a lot more self-conscious this time. This feeling is exacerbated when two boys of about 12 cycle up and enquire belligerently “where d’ya get that mask?”
So, I still haven’t got any video of grinding cement-mixers but the other week at PAST PRESENT FUTURE: SPACE TIME I am relieved to realize I am not wearing my Aaron Dilloway T-shirt cos there’s another dude wearing one and it’s hardly like there’s millions of attendees. Like, OMG! Horrendous underground fashion misjudgement! However, later on when I’m playing I can’t resist drawing attention to the dude as he is leaving the room by referring to his T-shirt, thereby ostentatiously displaying my nebulous street-punk cultural credentials no doubt.
But, ha ha, later on I see him and make a show of graciously apologising for singling him out in front of the crowd, whereupon he reveals that he is a musician himself, with releases on Hanson and the t-shirt was a personal gift from Dilloway. And I felt pretty put in my place, to be honest. Cursed by the godamn evil mask of Hanson! Woah!

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Aaron Dilloway Jesting   Leave a comment

Dilloway is one of those people whose careers I stalk lazily. I don’t quite know why his stuff sucked me in but it did. Ended up doing some scanning chores for him a while ago and he was good enough to send me some Drunks With Guns MP3 action.

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Aaron Dilloway   Leave a comment

Spent an evening drinking herbal tea and watching Aaron Dilloway and related on YouTube. Think this is the best thing I found:

Jo was trying to get him for Bad Timing. I would like to see that.

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