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Trying to put some copies of the Africa Is A Fridge EP I have mysteriously obtained from underneath some stairs somewhere on Bandcamp and am reduced to Googling for relevant information on the thing, whereupon I find this description of my work:

Pete Um – This dude performs a lot and writes a lot of material which he releases either unconventionally or not at all (because I can’t seem to find anything outside of this one EP that I have). He also likes to video tape himself a lot (like seriously, a lot.) As far as I can tell he mostly just fucks around, and could very well be an outsider musician who doesn’t know how to play any of his instruments or operate any of his gear outside of clueless experimentation. He’s like R. Stevie Moore meets The Shadow Ring. The only song worth anything on Africa is a Fridge is the titular track, which, although short, is pretty awesome. The rest is just tripe and a little too weird for anyone’s taste.

Been meaning to check out The Shadow Ring, and funnily enough I was looking at a weird Vibe Central thing Ariel gave me in a kind of magick gesture on I think his 2nd UK tour.

And while we’re rinsing the same old namedrops, I love that Bubonic Plague track matey’s put up there, and it reminds me that when I was tasked by Jo Bad Timing to do a boombox DJ set the night of that Ariel Pink gig and I played Chrome on a hunch, I was still kinda surprised when Geneva went: “Chrome. Cool.” Makes more sense now.