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Radioactive Sparrow   Leave a comment

One day I will write about Pence Eleven, perhaps thee great Lost Group, but not today because it’s a very long story and I haven’t got time. It was through the weird influence of PE that I got to know of Radioactive Sparrow, also perhaps thee great Lost Group. I will never write about them because that story is so long and complicated and makes such demands on one’s powers of descriptivity that even Gwilly can’t keep up with it, try as he may. I suppose they were a Improv unit that was also a rock group that was also a joke. I only saw them once, at the pub at the end of the street where I now live, where there’s a sign up that says John Otway, but I was struck by the VIOLENCE of their creation, a permanent revolution of music. I think if Mark E Smith had a different postcode and male siblings he would have probably become Sparrow and not The Fall. Good job I suppose. Anyway, talking out my arse a bit but check ’em out if you have a spare lifetime.