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Check this.

L’étranger : Almost Every Tuesday on Radio Panik 105.4FM, Brussels, 17h00-18h00

Scuffed weirdness, messthetics, stumbling pop twists, anarcho junk, occulture cries and whispers, artcore presented by Kosten Koper

This is really good actually. It’s weird to hear my YouTube videos re-imagined as radio.

This week the good doctor Koper leaned heavily upon selections from some of the 692 videos to be found in Pete Um’s Cinema Of Truth. A postscript to avant-premiere in Aalst of the collectively made film Marcel, two weeks ago, where Pete played live as part of an expanded cinema version of the film (which he narrates).

Stumbled over and mixed up on the spot using whatever… contrary to what the ne-sayers propagate.

Play or download (mp3, 55mb).


1. Pete Um – Pissed In Brussels
from You Tube video
2. Forest Swords – Wild beasts Hooting Howling Forest Swords Rework
from web site mp3
3. Pete Um – Cornish Paranoia Trip Pt. 9
from You Tube video
4. Ono – O Jackie O
from Machines That Kill LP (Thermodor, USA) 1982
5. Luis Alfaro – Los De Los
from Internal Journey CD (New Alliance, USA) 1994
6. Go Genre Everything – EyccHypnoblab
from My Space, 2010
7. Gabor Altorjay / Bazon Brock – 1967 Tafel performance
courtesy of Dr. Kubin
8. Pete Um – Post Party Pete
from You Tube video
9. Observers Observing Observables – Germans Playling Foosball
from web site mp3, recorded 1981


Pete Um – Don’t Try Helium, Kids
from You Tube video

10. Church Of Raism – Crimes Against Pussycat
from LP (Creation Records, UK) 1989
11. Dennis Cooper – Hello In There
from Voices of the Angels 2XLP (Freeway, USA) 1982
12. Empty Rituals – Hardcore
from 7″ (Mental Assualt, USA) 1983
13. Pete Um – Salon Republika 9 (extract)
from Vimeo video
14. Muntu Ensemble – Flight (From The Yellow Dog)
from Muntu Recordings CD (No Business Records, USA) recorded 1977
15. Jack Brewer & Kava – Punk’s Not Dead
from Major Punk Statement 7″ (Carducci Records, USA) 1990
16. Pete Um – On The End Of The World
from You Tube video
17. Schizo – The Voyager (with Gilles Deleuze)
from 7″(Disjuncta, France) 1972
18. Alien Kulture – Culture Crossover
from 7″ (RaR Records, UK) 1979
19. Pete Um – Salon Republika 8
from Vimeo video


Nudge Squidfish – Marriage Vows
from 7″ (New Age, USA) 1982

Jeffrey Lee Pierce – Chris And Maggie Meet Blind Willy McTell At A James Brown Concert
from Wildweek LP (Statik, USA) 1982

20. Ora Pro Nobis – Track 12
from Demo Cassette (No Label, Czecheslovakia) 1982
21. Pete Um – Communication
from You Tube video
22. Etant Donnes w/ Michael Gira – Track 05
from Offenbarung Und Untergang By Georg Trakl CD (Les Disques Du Soleil Et De L’Acier, France) 1999
23. Pete Um – Salon Republika 9
from Vimeo video
24. Stahlwerk 9 – Your Job In Germany
from Gloria Victis Vae Victis CD (War Office Propaganda, Poland) 2005


Gabor Altorjay / Bazon Brock – 1967 Tafel performance
courtesy of Dr. Kubin

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It says here.

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