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Roads Out Of Shropshire And Into Darkness; Or, What The Hell Are They Putting In The Waters Of The Tyne And Why Can’t We All Have Some?   Leave a comment

That nice C Joynes did a mix with a bit of old Pete Um in, “representin’ for the shipwreck milieux” as he says.

How do I embed the player? I don’t know.

Perhaps we’re all embedded players, I don’t know.


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Some old friends and family in this spacerock allstars vessel. First track is a fucking cooker!

C Joynes Questioned   Leave a comment

Great interview of the self-styled fretwonk here

A musician after my own heart, albeit a highly-skilled musician who isn’t a non-musician.


Dooze on down the road.   Leave a comment


Local performance for yer Doozers and fleet-fingered fifth-Beatle type C Joynes of Histon, conjured up in order for a kicking off of a small-but-worryingly-sexy tour of North Europe! Say hoi to our pals at The Swedish Embassy etc. Here’s the official blarb:

Dearest Friends and Acquaintances,

You may have seen and heard right as THE DOOZER will be hitting a town, hopefully close to you, in the next couple of weeks. That’s right, we’re touring in support of KEEP IT TOGETHER, that record recently released by WOODSIST. Here’s our itinerary:

19 – Romsey Labour Club, Cambridge (w/ C Joynes)
20 – The Drop, London
21 – Espace en Cours, Paris
22 – Hectoliter Galerie, Brussels
23 – OCCII, Amsterdam
24 – Maakhaven, Den Haag (w/ Man From Uranus)
26 – Fox & Newt, Leeds (w/ Herb Diamante & Mick Flower)
27 – The Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh
28 – Night & Day, Manchester

First outing as a three piece, or TRIOZER if you will, with CB Radio on drums and Ben K on bass as per earlier DUOZER adventures. Bringing the sound of the colloquial to the sophisticates of various urban dwellings.

Come to shows! And please, Cambridge folks, attend the HOMEGROWN affair at the ROMSEY LABOUR CLUB on 19 MARCH with that gent C JOYNES also appearing. It’s DIY style and will be a fine and friendly atmosphere in this most auspicious of venues. WATCH OUT, LUNAR’S ABOUT!

On the MERCH STALL we’ll have the usual, plus KEEP IT TOGETHER LPs & BRAND NEW T-SHIRTS. GOLD, you say?

Join the force and be at one with yourself.


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Thanet To Dogon   1 comment

That restless C Joynes has been nice enough to include thee Um pop hit Evil in a mix for The Liminal. Presumably the first & last time anyone will mix my stuff with Burial. Haven’t listened to all of it but Joynes is a safe pair of hands with a mixtape, basically.


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C Joynes Venn   2 comments

Chris has got back from Mongolia so we’re going out for a drink tonight to celebrate my fractional Irishness (on the drinkier side of the family as opposed to the West Country Methodist side) and presumably discuss the relaunch of a collaborative 7″ project that I was bemoaning having lunched-out of somewhere on these pages. Chris usually sends me a postcard when he gets straight outta Histon and goes somewhere exotic & that’s what the gold wolf or whatever he is is. The other side is addressed to “Pete out of that magazine”. Amusingly, at Bad Timing last week a young woman approached me after the show and began “Excuse me, are you… C Joynes”. I was literally just organising my face to not look too smug when I suddenly had to shift gear not to register an affronted surprise! It would have seemed silly to ruefully say “No, I’m Pete Um. ” so I just said: “No… er, he’s in Mongolia” and tried to look cheerful.

Anyway, cheers!


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C Joynes: Revenants, Prodigies and the Restless Dead   Leave a comment

My man C Joynes, who once described a typical reviewers reaction to his music as “Oh no, another Fahey wonk. Oh well, at least he’s English.” hassled the fuck out of me to write these sleevenotes, for which I would like to thank him, as it is really flattering to see my words printed multiple times in association with his unique and original musical vision. Chris even managed to coax me into a rare collaborative effort with him, Ben Doozer and Man From Uranus as C Joynes and the Restless Dead for a show in Cambridge, but I think we all agreed that the results varied in quality at alarmingly quick intervals. I never quite worked out how my tapes and electronics could sound great during one run-though of a piece and then agonisingly cacophonous the next, despite being almost entirely the same. I admire spontaneity I sometimes think, but from afar. Shame, cos as I say, bits were good.

Chris also wondered aloud to me whether I might want to be involved with those collaborative 7″s he’s been doing, but I lunched him right out on that. I’m a fucking idiot sometimes.




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