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There’s this self-awareness test you can do on your kid when they’re about 18 months or whatever where you put a dot on their forehead and stick them in front of the mirror to check whether they will touch their own head to see what’s up.

On the way to catch the fight to Hamburg I tweeted something in my pre-Easyjet nervousness about how the Man From Uranus should cover the Luton Airport song (as a joke, yeah?). You know, this one:

Then I get this on my feed:
LDNLutonAirport London Luton Airport
@peteum Pardon our ignorance… but what is the Luton Airport song? Would we like it?

And I’m just about to board & being told to switch of my devices and generally freaking out but I find time to ask them if they are idiots & mention the word Google.

LDNLutonAirport London Luton Airport
@peteum Wow. This has made our day. No, our week. What a find! Slightly before our time, yet it seems… timeless somehow

The Residents schooled us that IGNORANCE OF YOUR CULTURE IS NOT CONSIDERED COOL but it seems funny to have to tell the Luton Aiport Twitter that there’s a song about Luton Airport. I’d hate to be Pete Um flying into JFK sending links to Sinatra songs, because it would add a weird fucking dimension to the vertigo for starters.