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"Um is a sponge requires suck all"   1 comment

Thanks to my colleague Nochexxx for spotting this review of The New Album.


Google translate says it says, and I know no better:

It is extremely difficult to talk to Pete Um because there is a musician popularly known but does pop – a bit unusual, but in the end pop out -. Nor is celebrated as pop artist and I think it is. In short, for me it’s both and in superlative: musician and artist, but most likely not interested much be recognized by the large audience.

His latest adventure that comes from the hand of Grist stamp entitled “The new album” is not really a new album, is the reissue of a 2003 album, a redux with more harshness in his voice and instrumental presence thanks further mixing. The LP has a fairly minimalist design, preppy, which includes the lyrics and lots of texts full of information and anecdotes. You can also download the 21 tracks on the disc in a variety of formats, but not the same. No. Beyond this album, which for some scholars is pretty useless – only 100 copies – I like to focus on the particular world of Pete Um, because it means your ideas if you look in its entirety, ie understands him better-if anything-more than the entire party.

Um is a sponge requires suck all. An individual needs to constantly describe the world around him, in his own way that is. To do this, lay hold of whatever gadget in its path and also has the amazing ability to give musical use, is able to get them out a bit of noise to each of them. It is an obsessive collector of pieces … say things. Everything is a moment of history that wants to tell, a vignette. Each fragment represents the smallest unit of the final message that only we understand, when we take a look at all his extensive proposal. Whatever look or listen Um, adds to its favor. I also believe that mocks itself every minute. It is an authentic British Comedian.

Humor and irony are their weapons of destruction. It makes me think that the occasional use as gadgets not to feel happy with what he does, he feels morally obligated to be immersed in experimenting and creating his musical and artistic works, for a while every other well. All this hullabaloo absurd gives coherence to their work. It wastes a seasoned collector postmodern. An artist who settles his work lives adding pieces found in dumpsters and in bytes fatherless and mother. Modifies the reality of others to their will and packaging it is then that we realize that the music of Um is probably one of the most authentic way to bring about change. The beginning of a journey towards a new musical destination, without a seat belt. Long live Mr. Pete.

Juan Pablo Huizi Clavier

Gracias Juan Pablo, that’s a really nice review 😉

And thankyou to conceptoradio again cos I think I was on your dial once before in the past…

I’ll put the original Spanish in a comment below if anyone can improve or correct Google on any specific point that they feel needs it.

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