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The Funky Four Aims + 1   1 comment

Think I might have blogged this before, which makes bragging about it again look even worse. This is intended as part of a sequence of brags though, if that makes it any better. But yeah, getting a namecheck on this Flower-Corsano joint makes my ego put on its sunglasses and nod thoughtfully at the camera. Simon Doozer should get a credit really, cos he did a lot of the digital sucking for the project that my lips were too stupid and broken to handle.

First is the vinyl, 2nd the CD.



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3 cool things.   1 comment

First off, the marvellous Russell Taysom has made good on a promise and done one of his joyously dark illustrations of me, here seen feasting on the head of Man From Uranus. To me he’s captured Phil rather better than he has me but then it’s hard to judge a likeness of oneself (perhaps indicative of the distance between subjective and objective realities with regards to ourselves) and as I can’t deny the formless hair and the lines around the eyes and as Syd seemed to think it was pretty obviously me I am overall very chuffed to be the latest to be granted this honour. Besides, as Russell pointed out, Phil is instantly recognizable by his blue skin.


The next cool thing is that I received a copy of the latest album by the Flower-Corsano Duo, which has a nice big Pete Um credit on the back simply because I was pointing my camera towards the stage at The Portland one night. In fact The Doozer did as much as me with helping out with that one. Anyway, big fan of all things Corsano so it feels like a really cool thing to me.


And talking of fandom, it seems my online big-up of unique hip-hop legend Sensational, you know, this one:

might find its way in part into a documentary about the man. I am fucking chuffed about this, no two ways about it.