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Tim from IBB being flatteringly agreeable about the gesamkunstwerk.

He reckons:

Pete Um

Posted by Tim on February 6, 2010 · Leave a Comment
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Pete Um is a solo artist from Cambridge in the UK, who takes the concept of experimental music to a new plane. His tracks are recorded directly to a computer, a 4 track or reel to reel tapes. Pete uses his computer as an 8 track machine adding his own inimitable instrument playing in real time and subsequent effects. The real work then begins as he spends many hours editing the finished article. His music is distinguished not only by his experimentation, but by a superb stage performance and tracks which are rarely more than a minute in length.
Pete Um

Pete Um

The music can seem introspective and perhaps this is driven by the desire that Pete Um has to keep writing about the world he sees around him. As he said in an exchange of emails I had with him, ‘…there doesn’t seem to be a massive appetite for the Um sound in the wider populace whereas I seem to have an endless fascination with my own stuff…’. I can assure Pete, I too find it fascinating and for those who can move their headspace to the world of Pete Um, this is readily accessible and hugely creative music. The vignettes are superbly crafted and concisely cut to the core of the sentiment. In the minute the track plays, far more is injected than I have heard on many LPs.

His prolific output explores a huge range of subjects, with the music delivered in the understated style that is the signature of Pete Um. In live performance his self deprecating, humour brings everything to life (review of Pete Um at The Portland Arms).

myspace page

This is a performer who will probably never gain the recognition he deserves and it is a great pleasure to have been able to see him live and have the chance to write about him. This is exactly the type of hard working, creative musician that makes writing the indie bands blog such a pleasure.

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Indie Bands Blog Um Review   1 comment

Ha, that’s funny. Just got this.

Says stuff like:

Pete Um | Portland Arms Cambridge

Posted by Tim on January 28, 2010 ·

Pete Um at the Portland Arms in Cambridge, was a complete bonus. As readers of the website will know I took a trip last month to Cambridge to see Gary War, over from the USA for a tour. It was a wet and cold night, hey that is the current theme I guess.

After having a chat with the guys from Gary War, I headed back to the car for a cigarette, such is the state of the UK and racked up the volume to something by the Pistols, yes I know there should be some sex in front of it, but it all seems so pretentious hey Johnny – how is the TV advertising doing after some ridiculous appearance on ‘I am desperate for a break vote for me’. To give the man credit at least Mr. Lydon never pretended he was nothing other than a money grubber, which I guess is why the court case made history at the time. That kind of bull was the reason I left my band, they wanted to chase the dollar, I wanted to do what I wanted to do, perhaps Sid was a little more real, I digress, but as you will know, I am only interested in bands doing what they believe in.

We head back to Gary War, by the time I returned from my sojourn, they had all disappeared, so I headed in to the small back-room at The Portland Arms and facing me was a guy in the lotus position mumbling in to a mike. I thought to myself, how long before he gets off. Then he pressed his MP3 player, which was hooked to who knows what as I followed a series of connectors and I was just settling down to his vocal and it was all over.

Pete Um is perhaps one of the most understated on the site thus far. He delivers as though he is a bumbling incapable idiot and would in fact make a fantastic comedian with a monotone delivery many spend years getting wrong, never mind a superb experimental musician. The songs are introduced by a significant preamble, which for little apparent reason had the audience, myself included, laughing and we were led in to tracks which never lasted more than a minute and a half.

From his sedentary, leather pilot helmet clad and goggles visage, Pete Um delivered a half hour set, comprising songs of ever shorter duration, which must have taken hours of production. Pete is a consummate experimentalist, who doesn’t try too hard, yet has a superb appreciation of what he is delivering. His stage craft is supreme and his 50 second tracks reveal so much more than a double LP of asinine pop.

I was enthralled – a minimalist set – lets be fair, sitting in a lotus position, at the edge of a tiny stage is perhaps as minimalist as it may get, delivered humour, far reaching experimentation, which to the audience came from a basic MP3 player and some soul searching lyric, which was a tour de force.

Pete Um may not get the recognition he deserves in the UK, but this beats hands down most output from the global experimental scene.

Oh Pete the answer to Syd Barret.. cremated in Cambridge and there is a bench in commemoration.

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War & Dynamite   2 comments

Looks like I’m playing tomorrow’s Bad Timing with Gary War, which is cool.

In other cool news Dave & I watched the Sensational film last night and it’s great & I am totally in it, which makes me really proud and embarassed at the same time. Dave is the original fan round here though, and he’s really kept the faith over the years. I should do a proper blog about that actually. Remind me to do that. And go and buy the Nochexxx/Sensational record on Werk. It’s fucking great.

Today I bought:

“Cocaine” Dillinger
“In Praise Of Learning” Henry Cow (that’s the pick of the bunch right there)
“Marquee Moon” Television (I do have two copies already but it was in good nick and it’s on Discogs right now.
“Love Bites” Buzzcocks
“Shape Of Things To Come” The Kinks (10″!)
“Don’t Break My Heart” UB40 7″ (I think this tune has a charming weirdness, so fuck you).
“Loving You” Minnie Ripperton. (Figure I might get to play this at the end of some messy night one day).

When I went up to the counter the bloke said “hello dynamite” and I gave him a weird smile because I thought he was talking to me and not whoever had just walked through the door behind me.