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Woebot's End of Year Thing.   1 comment

Matt’s done a list at Cybore.

I’ll c&p the text right here:


Doing a year end thing is a bit weird for me this year for a few reasons. Firstly when you crash through the mirror and actually start making music yourself you immediately lose a degree of impartiality that you have as a critic. In making a favourites list you’re not just trying to blindly endorse stuff, you’re inevitably making explicit your connections to other people making music, your peers. You want the people who you value as fellow-travellers to be aware that you’re rooting for them. I shouldn’t get so twisted about it really because, if you dial back, the reason you’re keen to get behind them is, er, because they’re brilliant!

People who follow particular critics, maybe they fail to realise that those critics’ choices are also inflected by what amounts to community politics. I suppose where it gets interesting in fact is when an individual critic gets bedded within a movement, and actually yes, when a greater proportion of objectivity (what is it anyway?) goes out of the window. It’s a tricky balance to keep though, and I’ve come in extreme conflict this year at those points where I’ve actually had to come up for air and say, well no, something, such-and-such, ain’t so good really – and although I’m ring-fenced by its protagonists and it would be easier to just kiss ass….. not like I’m saying I’m the Julian Assange of music blogging – the whistleblower ha!

The other reason why a year-end list is suddenly quite tricky is that whenever I do these things they’re invariably made up of 75% old stuff. Doing my new record this year I’ve been deep in research, discovering things I imagine not many people were aware of, certainly in this socio-cultural context, and it’s stuff I really have to keep under wraps. Not just because it will weaken the surprise of my new tracks, but also because from a legal POV I need to be a bit clandestine about what I’m sampling – ya get me.


Connect_Icut: Fourier’s Algorithm
Raime: Blackest Ever Black EP
Vampire Weekend: Contra
Broadcast and The Focus Group: Familiar Shapes and Noises
Belbury Poly and Mordant Music: Welcome to Godalming
Oneohtrix Point Never: Returnal
Sculpture: Rotary Signal Emitter
Sun Araw: Deep Cover
Nochexxx feat Sensational: Smashing Your System
Joanna Newsom: Have One On Me
Gonjasufi: A Sufi and A Killer
Rangers: Suburban Tours
Young Hunting: Attachment in a Child and the Subsequent Condition
Ariel Pink: Before Today
Internal Tulips: Mislead Into a Field By A Deformed Deer
Mount Kimbie: Crooks and Lovers
People Like Us and Wobbly: Music For The Fire
Pete UM: Godelmingum & Gyldeforda
DJ Roc: The Crack Capone
Ekoplekz: Stalag Zero/Distended Dub
Moon Wiring Club: A Spare Tabby at the Cat’s Wedding


VA: The Minimal Wave Tapes
VA: Shangaan Electro
Arthur Russell/Allen Ginsberg: Ballad of The Lights
Method Actors: This Is Still It
Charanjit Singh: 10 Ragas to a Disco Beat
Walter Gibbons: Jungle Music

Obligatory commentary

Next to no dance music (been a bit boring really).
Shame there have been no big LPs from Ghost Box.
Has everyone forgotten the Vampire Weekend disc?
The year the synth underground blew up.
Some awesome stuff but yeah, apologies that it isn’t more juicy – but them’s the breaks.

Watch out for Woebot “Chunks” on vinyl in, maybe February/March. I’m out.

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