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Hey guys,

ha, floppy own-brand tortilla chips, peanuts and Lilt and vodka (just a very small medical dash for my damaged tropical child) for breakfast. Happy New Year. Can’t sleep so let my betters rest. A guitar string just pinged on the wall so I must be Accompanied.

I don’t know if you use Discogs but I do and I like it. I’m not one of those psychedelic revolutionaries that acts like a soul-smarm priest who’s pretending he hasn’t got anything in his underpants. I have baby, it’s here. I believe in the meta-fundamentals of the market. I believe in the Big Deal, it is holy to me. If a has it, and b wants it, then so be it and let’s haggle the fucker across. We are good creatures, don’t get me wrong, and people forget it and then get all pious when someone helps a brother out as if it isn’t written into us like hunger, violence and sorrow, but in that sense humans are alright and can’t help but help. Ants help ants, wolves howl for the chase, Biiiig Issue etc. Yeah, but fuck the Old Ways and Record Collector and that. My The Best Of Abba used to say £40 in the Book, but, uh, the internets is grease for human souls and the funny thing about capitalism, cos all human history is irony, is that which is finessed is also almost complete & thus over, man. What I mean is the web is The Final Auction, and that goes for eBay as much as Tahrir square or whatever. OK.

So, if you’re still with me, or ever were, then here is a racing tip for the lowest common denominator written on a peice of internet paper. Our pal Si, you shall know him by his name up there, has got at least one copy of Tripel 004 going at £2. Now I don’t cast aspersions on Simon, because of what I’ve said above, and because he is someone who both likes to live simply and also used to run an online shop, and since the two are incompatible the former will inevitably win out over the latter, thank goodness fror his sake. Tripel 004?, I hear you ask in your unripe foolishness, like dogs questioning the unlikely appearance of the Ace in the great fucking help of the sleight of hand! Well, way back when when there was no history of that to make a mad old man tell it like this now, yer Dave, my fucking Dave, in his Gold-souled wish for something more meaningful than what’s measured in money, stumped up for the Split. A thousand fucking pounds. Mastered by the fucking Faroe Goodiepal on a reel-to-reel (he says) according to his special specifications. Dubplates & Mastering. A picture disc. Designed by Animals On Wheels. Me half-cut in an amusment arcade in Padstow throwing it down like a Maori warrior or some PNG shit. It’s all fucking grist. Two Thousand & Five, Dave on the concrete tip, the audio derive through the raw tripped-out beauty of sound, where even TV cookshows can get souffled into something just-so that the absence of words leaves your dumb face in a squinch whilst your mind races for HELP. You know James Ferraro? Well, it’s not like that music-wise but it isn’t just the chefs. I feel this strongly. There’s a blankness, an overloadedness of symbols, that was in the recipe. Play the records side by side. Mix them together perhaps. And yeah, it’s half a giraffe of probably the best thing I ever did or will. I’m on Discogs, and you can buy the CD-R off me for not-a-penny-less than 5 quid, and it might be the complete thing, but that record is All Gold, solid fucking gold, and the only reason you don’t know it is because nobody told you, but I’m telling you now.

So, what I’m asking you to do, is please buy the record off Simon. I think the market value is more like £4.50, at least, so you’d be getting a good deal. We still live under a capitalist system, but this is a time of renewal, traditionally. Why not make it your first symbolic purchase of 2012? Please.





This is really good. Obviously the idea of a Goodiepal mix is kind of funny in itself, but weirdly Dave’s unfathomable sincerity acts as a sort of alkali to the spikiness of the ‘pal’s pranksterism. The Goodie is there to jar us in our complacent art-consumer prickdom, but here is his music as heard by a pair of the world’s most flexible ears.


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Felix Kubin uses Korg synthesizers.   2 comments

Last night Dave brought goat curry round in a taxi and we drank a lot of wine and talked about how old synths are great and the MS-20 in particular and what a great shame it was that I ran out of DV tape that time when I attempted to film the tutorial that Felix Kubin gave us at Ashvale. Dave lent him his own Korg while Felix was on tour in the UK and in return Felix shared some of his knowledge of the instrument, which is prodigious. He knows it inside and out to the extent that he actually took it apart to adjust something, feeling around in its innards like a veteran veterinarian. We felt like little boys, and in fact I was so in awe that hardly a damn thing he said went in. There was just too much information. In fact it was a masterclass for a pair of idiots, as I hope Dave will agree. Anyway, in our discussion about MS-20s and Felix Kubin last night the subject of the difficulties associated with touring such instruments came up and it occurred to me that it’s a shame that Felix is an ambassador for a design classic that has long since ceased to be produced. In a perfect world, I reasoned, full-paged colour adverts would appear in music magazines showing a deadpan Felix Kubin with his arm resting casually over the MS-20 he had received free from Korg for life in part payment of the recognition of the role he had played in ensuring the machines ubiquity amongst practitioners of electronic music, amateurish fools or otherwise. If Dave had the money, I know for a fact that he would stump up for a super-ridiculous Goodiepal-pregnant guerilla-bollocks mega-meta culture-stunt type thing tomorrow, i.e. an advert in The Wire.

So, please send cash or more wine. I am on the dole and Dave works in the hospital.

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Snappidag 26.   Leave a comment

Check out Snappidag 26, which is a photo of one Meta DJ by another.

Guess one man’s record boast is another man’s Snappidag.