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Bought this thing off eBay the other day:




Green Dungeon Alchemist Laboratories


This device is a real junk synth, made from recycled plywood and a quality street tin with assorted other bits of old devices. It was once used in an exhibition at the Liverpool World Museum.

It’s a simple but versatile device consisting of two VCOs and an LFO, the frequency of the VCOs are controlled by two light sensors and/or the triangle wave LFO, which has rise and fall controls so you can alter it between saw and ramp waveforms and change the frequency by adjusting both the rise and fall time. This makes for a lot of cosmic zappy laser sounds! The light sensors are protected by a plastic covering held in place by the square, metal surrounds.

VCO controls:
A switch on each VCO changes between direct light control or LFO control, the light sensors also control the level of modulation the LFO has on the frequency of the VCOs.
The volume level of each VCO can be mixed with the volume dials on each side and another dial is provided to alter the pulse width of both the VCO waveforms simultaneously.

These simple controls allow a vast variety of throbbing, wailing sounds to be created along with the kind of laser gun warbles only heard on vintage sci-fi shows! The full potential of this device is yet to be explored, one can scarecely imagine the kind of crazy sounds it would make if introduced to flashy lights or an LED on a stick!