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Etcetera lol.

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Too tired to even finish short blogpost about the Wyrd West but if I leave this magick picture of Loki’s Unicorn here then I’m sure it will come wake me in my deathly slumber, won’t it boys and girls?


*stirs groggily*

Ah yeah…

Belated congratulations to the Western Wyrdoes in this month’s Wire. I have a long list of unblogged things that I’m grouping under the New Baby excuse but it would be unseemly for me to suggest that writing a little something about Hacker Farm fits into that chronology. Anyways, suffice to say that to read the article felt like three or four goals for Team Nowhere (geographically-speaking, at least) and a few chords were struck. I’m particularly pleased to see “impossibly spritely” Kek’s face in there, as his nimble spirit has shone a warm and pathetically welcome light in these dark quarters more than a few times. Other than that it was good to have a cemented sense of what spurred Farmer Glitch to mend/make-do, mangle and manifest, and to be sorta introduced to Kemper Norton. Of course the whole piece was brought to life with openhearted word-surgery by benevolent culture-juggler Matt Woebot… if I myself had ever finished that fucking Hacker Farm piece it would have hinged on explicating a kind of shared value of unpretentiousness/creative honesty in the Farmers but also people like the man Ekoplekz, people who chase after/or are inspired by something with a genuine ardour, rather than cop a style, and use it as a jump-off point into the unknown. Finally though, the greatest thing about the Hacker Farm feature was Loki and the pony. I don’t even know why really, it just was.


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Tomorrow night folks, if you can.

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Very much looking forward to this historic event.

Blurb says:

bad timing presents
10 years of bad timing
aid & abet
station road
(entrance in cambridge station car park between cityroomz hotel and cambridge bike hire)
times: 7:30-10:30
entry: £5

Celebrating 10 years of experiments from the underground, including DIY, electronics, experimental, lo-fi, noise, radiophonics, weird pop and randomness, Since November 2001 Bad Timing has brought artists from across the world, the UK and Cambridge to as many venues as we could find (or build).

For this special event we return to Aid & Abet artspace to present artists from regular to new who work in the spirit of Bad Timing — obsessive lo-fi electronics made with any and every kind of obsolete technology.

Sculpture are a DIY music/animation duo, using zoetrope projector record deck, tape loops, cassettes, samples, cdj and lo-fi electronic noise to generate a retro-futurist sonic and visual overload. Sculpture create lo-fi beauty manipulating vintage domestic tape machines with handfulls of tapeloops, along the lines of Philip Jeck’s old vinyl loops.
First seen at Bad Timing at our collaborative event with the legendary Kosmische club, we’re very pleased to be able to present them in the context of Aid & Abet’s main warehouse project space with large-scale projections onto decaying industrial walls and metalwork.
hacker farm

‘Make-do and mend. Broken music for a Broken Britain.’
pete um
(gagarin, grist, strange lights, tripel)

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I’m conscious that I might say something that is unintentionally insulting in some way but what I like about this, and it’s also something I find present in Ekoplekz’s stuff, is its unpretentiousness. There’s a kind of heritage to it, but it’s not something that’s just copped or aped. It’s a felt thing, part of these guys’ cultural DNA. It comes of being old, ha ha, and being old enough.

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