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Bit late on this but Heatsick was particularly good the other week in Cambridge. Lot of cheerleading for the PAN label lately but there’s an undeniability about their aggressive hipsterbait bombdrop agenda that I only wish I had videoed Lee Gamble deejaying relentless ‘nuum hardware and going “BOOM!” whenever the crowd vibed on the new track to illustrate, if you get me. I have the photos waiting for another post, at least. But yeah, all 7 of us were spoiled down in The Cow’s bowels, and I felt daft that I hadn’t quite expected what I got. I liked Dream Tennis but I thought it was somehow associated with something from across the Atlantic that I’m a bit sniffy about, so that should teach me. Yeah, hard to encapsulate the virtuosity of the enactment of the scope of his vision but when my brother described him as the Gerry Adams of House it seemed to make a kind of hilarious sense in my cidery mind, even though it doesn’t. Suffice to say it’s a perfectly distilled thing that’s a bit too simple to parse in a way, like a good drug. I copped the Deviation off him, but can’t put my hands on his Intersex anywhere cheap.







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I am pleased to be informed yesterday via the fuck-you cool of the Bad Timing PR team that tomorrow there’s a gig/set/piss-up type thing to celebrate 11 years of this subterranean Cambridge institution. With Heatsick! Gonna try and reach but bare childcare responsibilities obv.

bad timing presents
bad timing 11th birthday

Celebrating 11 years of bringing experimental, electronic, underground and DIY live music to Cambridge from across the world.
(PAN / Berlin)
the cow (basement)
corn exchange st
times: 8:30-midnight, entry: £5 adv / £6 door. Join Bad Timing mailing list for cheap list £4.

Focusing on repetition and improvising with organic variations of a theme, Heatsick take sources from Musique Concrete and Psychedelia, through to the early Chicago House mix tapes, building up an intense, unique and compelling dancefloor sound which truly succeeds in defying and playing with categorisations and fixed identities.

Steven Warwick is a Berlin-based performer, also known for his work in electronic duo Birds of Delay, active in the music, visual arts and club scenes. Heatsick uses various instruments including voice, gap-toothed keyboard and percussion to create saturated washes of tone, floating and disintegrating entropic loops.

Recent releases include the acclaimed debut LP ‘Intersex’ and ‘Déviation’ EP on Bill Koukigas’s PAN label, where labelmates include the likes of recent Bad Timing visitor NHK yx KOYXEN and Lee Gamble, recently seen at Reworks’ closing party. The label was recently named FACT magazine’s best label of 2012.

“There’s something about the sense of containment (all the sounds come from one box), the character of the sound (circuits which sound like they’re operating at close to overload and the sense of play within these constraints that makes this as overwhelming as any dancefloor experience you can imagine” – The Wire

“This is dance music through and through, albeit probably unlike any you’ve heard before” – The Quietus

chris greenberg dj
(hong kong in the 60s/greeen linez)

bad timing djs