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Who is Pete Um?   1 comment

Another Um profile with interview.

It sez:

Who is Pete Um?
Pete Um is an experimental solo artist from Cambridge in the UK, who takes life around him and converts it into music. Over the years his prolific output has challenged much of everyday perception of life..

His challenging output hasn’t hit the mainstream, which to Pete is not a huge surprise. He continues to deliver his unique style to a loyal fan base, who find his ability to encapsulate all that is needed to be done in to tracks which rarely last more than a minute.

His self deprecating delivery should not be confused with what is a talented and hard working musician who challenges how music delivers its message.

to find out more about Pete Um including a review of live peformance see Pete Um on the indie bands blog)
Pete Um interview
The transcript of an email interview I had with Pete Um
Pete UmI make my music in my room recording mainly to computer but sometimes to 4-track or reel to reel tape machines. I used to use the sampling/sequencing type functionality of music software a lot more but most of the time I now use my computer just as an 8-track with
effects and a lot of the music is played on real instruments in real time. The fact that I can’t really play any instruments makes for a bit of a sloppy feel but I kind of like it that way and I do a lot of editing besides. A lot of editing sometimes!

I do what I do because I am driven to do it and it’s sad to say I would rather make music than do anything else, pretty much. I’m basically trying to create something with a unique aesthetic that has the same effect on other people that the music that delights,inspires or even confuses me in my life does, but a lot of the time I think I’m just doing it just for me because there doesn’t seem to be a massive appetite for the Um sound in the wider populace whereas I seem to have an endless fascination with my own stuff.
I’m extremely prolific and I’m almost always satisfied with what I produce. It’s like a narcissistic curse! I think in some ways music sort of functions as an alternate reality that I can tinker with whilst hiding from the so-called real world. Somebody described it recently as “an orchestra of shed” and I think that touched on something. It’s like a burrow or something. I think the performance aspect is also important to me but that’s a bit more straightforward attention-seeking. I like the crowd mind.

I keep going because I failed to produce an alternative CV, because I enjoy doing what I do and it has a life of it’s own that constantly rewards me, even if that just means meeting like-minded people. It ain’t a living, but it’s a life.

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Tim from IBB being flatteringly agreeable about the gesamkunstwerk.

He reckons:

Pete Um

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Pete Um is a solo artist from Cambridge in the UK, who takes the concept of experimental music to a new plane. His tracks are recorded directly to a computer, a 4 track or reel to reel tapes. Pete uses his computer as an 8 track machine adding his own inimitable instrument playing in real time and subsequent effects. The real work then begins as he spends many hours editing the finished article. His music is distinguished not only by his experimentation, but by a superb stage performance and tracks which are rarely more than a minute in length.
Pete Um

Pete Um

The music can seem introspective and perhaps this is driven by the desire that Pete Um has to keep writing about the world he sees around him. As he said in an exchange of emails I had with him, ‘…there doesn’t seem to be a massive appetite for the Um sound in the wider populace whereas I seem to have an endless fascination with my own stuff…’. I can assure Pete, I too find it fascinating and for those who can move their headspace to the world of Pete Um, this is readily accessible and hugely creative music. The vignettes are superbly crafted and concisely cut to the core of the sentiment. In the minute the track plays, far more is injected than I have heard on many LPs.

His prolific output explores a huge range of subjects, with the music delivered in the understated style that is the signature of Pete Um. In live performance his self deprecating, humour brings everything to life (review of Pete Um at The Portland Arms).

myspace page

This is a performer who will probably never gain the recognition he deserves and it is a great pleasure to have been able to see him live and have the chance to write about him. This is exactly the type of hard working, creative musician that makes writing the indie bands blog such a pleasure.

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