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 This was the thing that had me quaking with fear all last week, as somehow I’d been persuaded that I was a young singer/producer with potential, or something. It wasn’t actually that bad. All that stuff I’d been told about needing to be familiar with Mac applications,   that there would be workshops, and that I would need a USB stick to take my work home with me etc, turned out to be something of an exaggeration/lie. Basically we were treated to the various thoughts of some varied musicians, had a few beers and went home. Actually I had to leave while producer Sinden was desperately trying to teach some Logic skills to a load of kids who weren’t listening, and that probably would have been the only really useful bit for me. Hung out with James Pants for a bit though. And I saw an 808 for the first time in my life, so I took some photos of that.


All photos are clickable thumbnails as usual.

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